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WOW TBC Classic Druid Leveling Guide - Talent Build, Rotation and More for Feral Druid Leveling

6/30/2021 11:57:48 AM

There are a variety of classes can be selected in Burning Crusade, how to level up fast? In this guide, we’ll bring the WOW TBC Classic Druid Leveling Guide, with detailing the talent build, rotations, and more. 

WOW TBC Classic Druid Leveling Guide - TBC Classic Leveling for Feral, Blance and Resto Druid 

Druids are one of the top PvP healers in TBC, they also have strong PvE healing because of the powerful crowd control abilities and instant cast healing. In WOW TBC, Druids have three talent trees: Feral, Balance, and Restoration. Feral is the most recommended leveling build, it provides multiple mobility options, great damage and excellent survivability, also doubles as a tank main spec. Feral (DPS) Druids in Cat form are open-world specialists, and Feral (Tank) Druids in Bear form should level as dungeon tanks. In addition, you can regenerate Mana while in animal form and heal between pulls, eliminating the requirement for food and water. Balance is much slower than Feral, but your damage potential is fairly high while you have Mana available., and the Balance Druid is excellent at both solo and dungeon content, decent DPS output with good survivability. Restoration is the slowest spec to solo with, but you can use it when with leveling with others as a healer. 

When you are going to leveling as a Feral Druid, here are some details for WOW TBC Feral Druid Leveling from Skern Station. 

Feral Druid Leveling Build 60-70

This is a good build you can keep even in the end game. It’s recommended to start with 41 points in feral and 10 in restoration, leveling will be quite fast to feral through it and you almost don’t have any downtime. 

- As soon as you reach level 61, pick in the restoration tree, put one point on Omen of Clarity, it will occasionally give free attacks or spells.

- Put the next three points that you will get Natural Shapeshifter, this will reduce by 30 the cost of all shapeshifting with level 65. 

- Then put one point into Feral Charge, the 4 second interrupt is quite useful in certain situations at level 66. 

- Next pick Survival of the Fittest with level 67. 

- Level 68: Shredding Attacks, it can reduce the energy cost of your shred ability by 18 and the rage cost of you Lacerate ability by 2. 

- Spend the last two points at level 69 and 70 in Feral Instinct.

Druid DPS Combat Rotation

First use Prowl to sneak up the enemy, then use Pounce to start combat, if it’s too dangerous to sneak up, use Faerie Fire to range to range pull overall, it’s better to use Pounce. You combo point builder Mangle, just spam it until you have 4 or 5 combo points, when you have that, you can make the decision, either to use Rip if the enemy will live through the whole bleed duration, if not, Ferocious Bite is recommended. Most of the time, you will use only Pounce, Mangle and Ferocious Bite when you are leveling.

Druid Tanking Rotation (Single Target)

When you are tanking as a bear, first use Faerie Fire to range pull, be sure to use Demoralizing Roar and keep those two buffs on a target at all time, afterwards, you will spam Mangle whenever possible, keep five stacks of Lacerate on that single target, make sure to use Maul, if you are capped on rage and you can’t use it on anything else.

Druid Tanking Rotation (Multi Target)

If you have three or more enemies, keep Demoralizing Roar debuff at all times on the enemies, use Faerie Fire on the main target and on others if you can. Spam Swipe whenever possible and use Maul if you have excess rage, never be ridge capped when tanking, it’s important that you manage to aggro, use Growl to do that in emergencies and scenarios, use your cool down Challenging Roar to taunt several enemies, Frenzied Regeneration can also be used in emergencies to heal yourself, it will convert rage into health, the other global cooldown you have called Barkskin is only usable in specific scenarios. Don’t forget to keep your buffs Mark of the Wild, Thorns and Omen of Clarity up at all time. 

Important Add-on

1. First add-on you can use is Questie, it will show you the available quest and practically guide you through the game, the biggest benefit is it will display the enemies and item locations on your map. 

2. Then you use should the Details! Damage Meter add-on.

3. If you will be tanking, also get ThreatClassic2. 

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