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NBA 2K21 How To Stop Getting Dunked On - 4 Reasons Why You Are Getting Dunked On In NBA 2K21

6/24/2021 11:35:18 AM

You're playing NBA 2K21 Next-Gen and you are getting dunked on over and over and you are you swear you're playing good defense and you're still getting screwed. In this guide, we are going to explain to you why are you getting dunked on and how to stop getting dunked onto NBA 2K21. 

How To Stop Getting Dunked On In NBA 2K21

1. Make A Build

First, you have to make a build for it. Now that's the most obvious thing you probably already knew that, but what kind of build you need to make? Specifically, make them a little taller anything from 6'5'' and up should be good enough to at least compete with people trying to dunk on you every single position. There are things that you have to have. People think you don't have to have them but they're wrong. This guide is to help you not getting dunked on, if you want that help do not listen to anybody else saying that you don't need interior defense for example.

2. Get Interior Defense

Obviously, you need to have an interior defense at least at 80 overall, you think it doesn't matter and that all you need is block but that is not the case. Block helps you block shots, but if you want people to miss on you or to fumble on you when they're trying to dunk on you, you need interior defense, it helps you bump people. It is essential to add to that. You need block as well, the block is going to help you literally do as the word says block shots, now you want to have a longer wingspan as well with this build because if you're taller and have a longer wingspan you have a higher chance of contesting these taller people who are trying to dunk on you. So higher block rating, higher interior defense. Sometimes when people are trying to dunk on you you can strip the ball and it's not as essential as other things but it still matters, so get that and finally get a rebounding rating.

3. Get Strength & Speed

When it comes to attributes it's as simple as that you need all those physicals, it's where it matters even most there are two things that you need that are extremely essential. First things, strength. This is another attribute or physical attribute that people think you don't need in this game, they are wrong. Strength is really important in this game, if you don't want to get pushed around and dunked on easily, you need to have a higher strength rating, you can have an easy strength rating, are you sacrificing a couple of badge attributes or badge points but you need strength, you are going to get bodied around and you don't want that.

And then speed, you have to have a higher speed 85, the faster you are, the more you can contest people. You can be lined to where they're going to be and cut them off from where they want to go, so that they don't just dunk on you. That's exactly what you want. So those are two things that are automatic. So I think strength is even more important. But obviously, in this game, you need to be fast, so both things are equally important at the end of the day. So get some strength, get some block, get some interior defense and that's the first part, that's why 90% of you are getting dunked on in the first place.

4. Badges

Clamps, it's just stopping people from getting to an open position in the first place. Obviously, you already know about that and clamps isn't really that good of a badge. Sometimes it just doesn't do what you want it to do, a lot of times people can beat you off the dribble. 

Chase Down Artists on bronze, a terrible badge on the hall of fame, it barely works, but onboard, it works the same on bronze. You'll sometimes be able to block someone from behind but we're talking about getting dunked. So these three badges are everything. You already know about Rim Protector, get it as high as you can. You'll get as many blocks as you can. 

Intimidator, obviously people will miss easy shots or even miss alley-oops near you, it's essential but the one that you don't know about or at least a lot of people do not know about is post-move lockdown or just post lockdown. It says improves the defender's ability to defend post moves and back downs. Now you might think that has nothing to do with getting dunked on, but for whatever reason, this is the badge that helps you not get dunked on. It is essential you need to have this badge at least on gold, it will stop so many cheesy moments. 

Make sure your build can get post locked down, you will stop getting dunked on as much as everybody else and that's the whole point of this.

After reading this article, you're gonna cut off 50% of the dunks that's happened to you, because you're not strong, you have no interior defense and you don't have the right badges, so now that is fixed, that you have the correct everything to make sure you're not getting dunked on in NBA 2K21.

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