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Madden 21 Top 10 Best Sleeper Quarterbacks (QB) In Franchise Mode

5/29/2021 3:59:01 PM

Are you in need of your quarterback of the future without giving up major assets or just in general want to know the cubies that overalls don't quite display their value in leagues. In this guide, your reliable MUT Coins store - AOEAH.COM is going to go over our top 10 sleeper quarterbacks you can grab for your team in Madden 21. 

Top 10 - Will Grier

Will Grier is the definition of an average quarterback start now, he's not bad in any running or throwing area who won't cost you much to grab as he's behind freshly signed Teddy Bridgewater on the dep chart who is owed a lot of money.  Will Grier might even hit a practice wire near you or better yet free agency, what separates him from others is he does have a 73 break sack rating which will surely come in handy. As of your first year in Franchise mode, he will have three years left on his four-year deal providing you a nice cheap backup locked in for three years, who can develop behind your starter or play in a pinch if something happens to your quarterback.

Top 9 - Tyler Huntley

Now what you're getting with Huntley is an elite athlete as he comes with 86 speed, 89 xl, 86 agility with 81 change of direction. His carrying is around average, so definitely be careful when you get him out in the open field. With his lack of moves in the open field, it even furthers the fact home that you just want to slide or get out of bounds with him. Now his running ability is the only reason he has any type of value, because as a thrower he is in the bottom tier. And he struggles especially in short throw accuracy, yet few possess his speed. Being a 22 year old rookie definitely gives him a second look opposed to others with those throwing numbers and you having him for three years where you can develop him using QB run packages, could be the way to get him into being a respectable thrower.

Top 8 - Kyle Allen

The 24 year old former Carolina panther quarterback brings to the table decent speed of 82 despite being a field general archetype, and 85 acceleration, yet his 75 agility basically tells you running only straight lines if you care. His throat power is a tick lower than we would like, but he makes up for being a strong thrower from short and medium where both his ratings are above average. His weak points are he is not a good deep thrower at all. Another strong point for Allen is he has a decent 76 throw under pressure rating, so we can't complain at all. If you acquire him, he will be a free agent after the season, but the 24-year will give you a solid accuracy base to build on with him. If he favorite the areas he's strong at on the field.

Top 7 - Joshua Dobbs

If you're a long time viewer of this series you know Joshua Dobbs. If you like running the ball with your quarterback, Dobbs is your guy; if you like running the ball and throwing short medium, Dobbs is your guy. What you're getting with Dobbs is probably one of the few quarterbacks who could legit be a running back in the game - check 84 speed, 88 xl, 86 agility, and 77 strength; these are straight up power back numbers. And he has good enough truck and stiff armor juke moves to do a little something in the open field. The major downside with Dobbs is not his accuracy but his throw power which is only an 84. His accuracy numbers are average to slightly above in a lot of areas to be a workable starter right away as you build his throw numbers up, which is an added bonus of his running numbers being so good, so you could just slowly focus on his throw numbers and Dobbs ends up a little decent. Now the 25 year old only has one year left on his contract in year one leagues but offers a lot of value if you like to run with your quarterback.

Top 6 - Eastern Stick

Stick's combination of 85 speed, 88 xl, and 91 agility is matched by few, and his 86 change direction and 91 agility to weed through defenders is very tempting. His throw numbers are on the cusp of average, so he's not going to throw games for you in the beginning because his ratings are way too low, but you still need a game plan to get these ratings up ASAP. Like many running QBs, he offers throw on the run ability so during roll outs and scrambles is key to his success. What hurts is his throw power is garbage, but his running ability and accuracy will allow him to make a lot of plays. He's for sure the third string quarterback on the charger, so he should be half for cheap but probably won't hit free agency solely because of his running ability. The 23 year old has three years left on his deal where he can become a dangerous weapon for you if developed in the meantime.

Top 5 - Jose Rosen

Josh Rosen has two years left on his deal before his contract is up, but surprisingly he's still only 23 years old which obviously gives you plenty of time to save his career unlike in real life. Rosen isn't going to outrun a runaway from anybody with a 75-speed and 83xl, but what it gives you is an excellent base of 89 throw power, 82 short, 77 mid, 78 deep and 78 throw under pressure ratings, these are excellent numbers considering his age. His thrown around at least to start forces you to focus on him being a pure pocket passer which he can develop and excel at making him a solid choice to build up week one in your Franchise. His contract expiring sooner than most sucks a bit, but Rosen is an excellent young QB for you to grab in your fantasy league and four extremely cheap from Dolphins owners and opposed to a world.

Top 4 - Jalen Hurts

You'll just get it out the way he has 84 throw fire, but what hurts about it, you get it is that that's his only weakness. His 89 xl, 86 speed, with 84 juke will make up this. Jalen Hurts is the best athlete on that list other than stick but gives you way more value as a passer right out of the gate, as he's slightly above averaging mostly every big throw in accuracy rating, and he has 81 breaks sack rate in to top. Everything off and regular team leagues because of wins his value will be interesting. Again his throw power knocks him down just a bit but hurts is primed to do damage in franchise leagues for many years to come. 

Top 3 - Drew Lock

The 23 year old is under contract for three more years in regular team leagues, and he starts you off with a pretty balanced above average QB. His 83 speed and 86 xl gives you the option to run from defenders. While being a gunslinger already with a 79 mid and 80 deep throw ratings, while having 88 throw power to compliment it. The short though accuracy is only an 80 which is lower than most, but you can get that up ASAP that shouldn't be a worry. The 23 year old has great start numbers to become a big time thrower for guys who love throwing the ball all over the field. Considering he's the best option for broncos users at the time, your best bet is getting them in fantasy draft leagues.

Top 2 - Tyree Jackson

As many users came to find out last year, Jackson is an extreme project who you will go through major growing pains with because of his accuracy issues. But once you get through that period with him man, his numbers are ridiculous - 85 speed, 89 excel and best of all 95 throw power. His accuracy numbers are pretty terrible but if you're quick enough to grab him in free agency when your league starts or in fantasy drafts, his potential is through the roof. An offense that is based around short passes and strategic deep throws would be one where Jackson could excel until you trust him to not screw you on a badly placed outro.

Top 1 - Jordan Love

Let's call the card to start Madden 21 is definitely his throwing ability. Starting a year at 90 arm power, he brings 84 short throw accuracy, 80 mid,81 deep to the table, 82 throw under pressure and 81 throw on the run. Your levels of day one starter in Franchises then give packers fans something to get excited about when rogers leaves, the fact that he's 21 years old and under contract for four years with these numbers, just props him up even more. Grab Jordan Love for your Franchise ASAP, and you won't regret it.

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