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Rocket League Defending Tactics Tips: Good Defense Secures Wins

4/26/2021 7:21:10 PM

Rocket League offers a lot of action, the combination of racing and football is a very fun idea of the developers of Psyonic. In the game you can choose between different game modes and you can prove your skills in online matches.

If you then also choose the "playlist" chaos, there are eight players on the field, who have no skills here or play completely without game tactics, will have a hard time. To some extent, this also applies to matches where only AI opponents compete against you. In this guide, your reliable Rocket League items stroe - AOEAH.COM shows you some defense tactics and give you useful tips and tricks for a successful game strategy.

Defending Tactics: Striker or defender

If you've already gained some experience in online matches, we've noticed that sometimes everyone wants to be a striker. Everyone goes wild on the ball and if there are eight players on the field or even four vehicles, then it can happen quickly that you score one goal at a time. So if you only have strikers in the team in an online match, you won't win.

Defense: The A and O

So you also have to develop a good defensive tactic, with specialized defenders. These defenders shouldn't run after every ball and be closer to the midfield line.

From the midfield line you can better keep an eye on your opponents and especially your own team members. Then you see who is in possession of the ball and when you have to react, your game tactics must be rather passive, i.e. you only react to actions of the opponent.

You have to get a sense of when you're attacking the opponent and when you have to stand on the goal line. Unfortunately, no herb has grown against random flying balls. But if you notice that someone wants to try a long-range shot, from a flying ball or a lying ball. Then rush into the gate.

Important: Pay attention to your positional play and stay between your goal and the ball. In this way, you can also intercept balls and go on the attack yourself.

Strategies: "Defense" Tactics - Basics

The following list contains extensive defense strategies:

1. Kickoff

It's important to stay on the ball. At kick-off, all players are off the ball. Typical mistake: If you see an opponent on the ball and you are the next player on your team who is at the same distance from the ball as the opponent, then don't turn around and drive towards your goal, but go on the ball. A good player shoots immediately when he has free shot, you don't make it back to the goal anyway.

When one or more of your teammates are closer to the ball, hurry back between the goalposts and try to fend off the ball.

2. Holding the ball or hitting the ball away

Of course, it is desirable to be a brilliant goalkeeper and, for example, to fend off 5-10 goals in a game and then play to "zero". Then you are the hero of the game.

The simple tactic is to knock the ball away, ideally always towards the opponent's goal. If the boost is best left in the semicircle around the gate, each boost is in one of these fields (see screenshot), then you can react quickly. Stay in the range of these fields if you are a defender.

That means of course you have to make a certain vote in an online match, in a 2 vs. 2 match, it is of course a disadvantage if one is constantly in front of the goal. So you have to practice a flexible positional game and quickly switch to defense in the reverse movement and secure the area in front of goal.

3. Counters ramming

Ramming the opponent is a particularly aggressive tactic, unfortunately such a maneuver can also backfire. Especially if you want to make jumps and destroy the opponent in the air, it only leads to you landing somewhere on the field and usually far away from the ball.

Tip 1: Go to the ball and not to the opponent. The ball is not without reason so huge, so if you don't hit the ball ideally → doesn't matter. The main thing here is playing the ball.

Tip 2: Only commit tactical fouls. So an opponent has "free field" and free shooting, then shoots him. Or you can clear the way for a team member to have a free shot → So only perform a "Ram Maneuver" if you can strike out a tactical advantage for your team.

4. Boosts

Boosts are a very important element of a good defense. So fill up your boosts as often as possible. This allows you to cover and secure different positions on the playing field at the same time. So if you perform a defensive maneuver, immediately replenish the boosts so you're ready for the next action. Boosts are also needed for quick attacks or counters.

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