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FIFA TOTS Investment Guide - FIFA 21 EFL & Community TOTS Investments On Packs

4/22/2021 10:40:27 AM

It has been confirmed by EA that we can start looking at some of the specifics that we can invest in. And now we know that the first Team Of The Season will be released on Friday with it being the community TOTS and also the English football league. So this is everything you should be doing for these teams to be released.

#1 Stacking Up Silver Packs

The first way is you can stack up on silver packs. There used to be a time where we used to get a lot of silver TOTS players from leagues that aren't as popular. It used to be the case where in the first week we had the most consistent. Most consistent involved three different teams, you had a most consistent gold, most consistent silver, and a most consistent bronze. But in the past couple of years, EA has not done this, instead, they've changed it to the community Team Of The Season where players get to vote. Now of all the voting that we've seen so far, there have been no silver or bronze players, in fact, we haven't had anything lower than a gold Team Of The Season player since FIFA 18 and even then it wasn't silver, was bronze Akinfenwa. FIFA 17 was the last time where we did have silver Team Of The Season players. But in case, EA does decide to bring in some silver Team Of The Seasons, you can stack up on silver upgrade packs. There's no risk to this because it can be done for free. But it's simply going for the bronze pack method, open as many different bronze packs as you can for 400 coins. Most of the time within that pack, you'll find players that sell. So if they do go for more than 200 coins, buy now then list them on the transfer market and get those coins back. But every other player that's listed on the market with a 150 coin bid and a 200 coin buy now, stall our player to the club and use it for the silver upgrade SBCs where you will be getting two-player silver packs. Save them to your club and wait to see if EA does release any silver Team Of The Season players with the English football league. This one might not be happening, but at least we have the ground covered if EA does decide to do this.

#2 Bronze Pack Methods

Storing any English football league players into your club. Not necessarily buying them, but if you are trying to get the silver upgrade SBC packs. Go through every single league and submit them to this SBC apart from the English football league. This can keep you covered if EA does bring out an SBC where you can get an English football league teamless season player and it requires you to use players from the EFL. The chances of an EFL SBC coming out that rewards you with a decently rated English football league player and requires you to get bronzer silver players is slim, but what is likely is that we could get an SBC that requires players from specific teams within the English football league. Some of these teams don't even have any gold players, so if they are required, the next best thing players are going to be looking at is bronze and silver players, if you do have these players already within your club, they are going to shoot up in value. This is another one that's fairly unlikely to happen, but if it does happen, you can make a very decent amount of coins out of this. And because there's no risk with this, it's costing you nothing as you're getting all these players from the bronze pack method and in the bronze pack method you will find other players that sell which pays for that bronze pack, you are sorted in this area. It's about getting those English football league players, storing them in your club, and waiting to see if anything happens. If nothing does happen with these types of players, you can list them onto the transfer market if they do sell when the Team Of The Season is released or you can go and put these through silver upgrade packs and have even more silver packs. It could then also go to gold packs later if you choose to. 

#3 Gold Players

Moving on to the next thing that we're looking at is gold players. We have not talked much about this area for investing, because the market crash has been so close to the TOTS release. It has kept on going down and will continue to go down. As we are all anticipating SBC release for the English football league Team Of The Season, it will reward you with a specific player. Loads of players have been investing in gold players. The issue is that because everyone is already doing it, there's a limited amount of rare gold cards within this league and some of these cards have already got a naturally expensive price tag on them, you need to put up a decent amount of coins. The cheapest rare golds go for 1300 coins, but some players can push up to 3k, such as Joshua King, because of the transfer card that he has. So looking for cheap common gold players and there's one main reason for this. There are simply not enough rare gold players within the English football league to build a full starting eleven. So if an SBC does require you to have English football league players, you will need to get them in other areas. Either being the silver or bronze area or spending money on common gold players. The cheapest buy now for common gold cards in the English football league is 450 coins. But you can win bids for 350 and 300 coins. So instead of spending 1300 coins for rares, you can buy common gold cards for 300 coins. If the English football league SBC does come out and it does require these types of players, common goal players will be in demand because there are simply not enough gold rare players to get a full start in 11. It's also worth saying that because we're getting these types of players for only 300/350 coins. There's next to no risk in this area as well. You can still, of course, lose coins but in a worst-case scenario, you're only losing a few coins per card. This is because you have to discard the price which is only a few coins behind what you’re buying them for.

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