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FIFA 21 Trading Method Guide - How To Get More Deals When Trading In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

4/21/2021 5:38:37 PM

There are trading methods out there such as sniping where you don't have to worry about the bidding process. But in a lot of cases, you'll have many other issues to worry about like finding a good search parameter, being a bit lucky with what's being listed, and also being very quick to snipe that player. With bidding, you don't have to be quick and you're not as dependent on luck with players being listed at the correct time. You do have an issue where there could be many people looking at the same player that you're looking at or wanting to get this player for cheap so they can relist and make some profit. So what might seem like a great deal at first eventually turns out to be a complete waste of time. 

The Best Timing To Win More Deals When Trading In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team - FIFA 21 Trading Methods

The first thing is to make sure that you’re trading at the correct time. Timing is one of the most important things to look at, depending on the time that you're playing ultimate team will depend on how many trades there are on the market. EA does provide this information, you can look at a transfer market and EA will show you how many live transfers there are on the market at that current moment. This is a good indication of when it's a good time to trade. Theoretically the more items there are live on the transfer market, the better time it is for trading. As more deals are expiring every second and potentially some of those will go completely unnoticed. If you play ultimate team at different times throughout the day, you'll notice that the live transfers fluctuate. So early morning you'll have less than eight hundred thousand, midday it'll push up to around nine hundred thousand, afternoon goes above one million and if there's a promo event, then it could potentially reach 1.5 million. This also does change throughout the year. Back when FIFA 21 was first released, in the first week of the ultimate team, these live transfers pushed up to about 4 million. And it gradually goes down throughout the year, but looking daily, the best time to trade is when there are more transfers on the market. 

- Weekends -

Timing isn't just about looking at the specific times during the day, you can also look at different days during the week. Saturday and Sunday have always been good for trading. This is when good deals happen, it’s because most players that are playing the ultimate team at this point are going through FUT champions, so you’ll be able to go for the transfer market and get these deals without any competition. 

- Monday - 

Monday has also been a good day, yet again this has taken advantage of FUT champions. This is when players have finished playing the weekend league and potentially have noticed a few issues with their teams. So they either sell individual players that they didn't enjoy playing with or they sell the whole team. This is where you come in to go and buy some of those players and re-list them making a couple hundred or a couple of thousand coins profit. Monday is also the day in which squad battle rewards are delivered to players' accounts. So for those that went through squad battles in the previous week, they will now have some packs to open which will give more players to the market and they'll be listing. 

- Thursday - 

Thursday's also been a very good one, Thursday is FUT champion rewards day. These rewards can be claimed at any time on Thursday, but because most players don't come home from work or school until 6 p.m, you don't start to see the effect until the afternoon. When players do start claiming their packs, this is where you can come in as you're buying the deals that they're listing as they're undercut in the market. So with trading timing is very important as there are set days or set times during those days that things happen. There's a lot of different variables in play here, the next thing you want to look at when trading is if there's loads of that type of player on the market you can be trading at the best possible times, but not every player is good to trade with, this does not apply to every trader method but in most cases, you want to look to see if there's loads of that type of player on the market. You can check this easily when looking at players and the time left until they expire. 

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