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WoW MoP Remix Best Bronze/Thread Farm Spots & Ways Post-Nerf

5/23/2024 10:46:56 AM

In this guide, we'll go over the changes made to the bronze currency and thread farming methods in the WoW Mists of Pandaria (MoP) remix. Blizzard has nerfed several popular farming spots and methods, but there are new alternatives available for players looking to farm bronze and threads efficiently. Let's check it out!

Nerfed Farming Methods:

Gulp Frog Method: Players could continuously kill Gulp Frogs for a large amount of bronze, gems, and Lesser Charms of Good Fortune. Blizzard has now removed this unintentional bug.

Goat Farm Method: Goats will no longer drop threads, gems, or gear as frequently, making this method less viable.

Horde Exclusive Dalaran Farming: The hyper spawning of mobs and rats in Dalaran has been tuned down, reducing the effectiveness of this method.

WoW MoP Remix New Best Bronze Farming Spots & Methods Post-Nerf

Despite the nerfs, Blizzard has boosted the bronze you can earn from caches by 25%. For example, a Lesser Bronze Cache previously awarded 400 bronze will now give 500. This increase is designed to help players keep pace with their gear level enhancements, especially with the accelerated XP gains from the Clo's XP boost. So now following are the new best locations and spots to farm Bronze in the WoW Remix Mists of Pandaria event:

1. Sanctum of Order (Timeless Isle)

The mobs here still drop Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, making it a viable alternative to the gulp frogs. It's a reliable spot, albeit with potentially lower yields than gulp frogs.

2. Krasarang Wilds (Alliance Exclusive)

During the Domination campaign, Alliance players can take advantage of the hyper-spawn rates at Cus Landing. This spot can be quite lucrative if you dedicate a few hours to farming.

3. Townlong Steppes (New Spot)

A new hotspot in Travez has emerged, where you can farm bug mobs for up to 20,000 bronze and 200 threads per hour. This spot is quickly becoming a contender for the best bronze farming location.

4. Raids: Mogu'shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, and Terrace of Endless Spring

These three raids collectively offer up to 10,000 bronze, and they can be completed in a couple of hours. Additionally, the Throne of Thunder raid features Lei Shen, who can drop greater caches worth 1,250 bronze—provided your raid group avoids unnecessary wipes.

WoW MoP Remix New Best Spool of Eternal Threads Farming Spots & Ways Post-Nerf

To power up your cloak efficiently, Blizzard has introduced Spool of Eternal Threads. These items come in four types: Green (40 threads), Lesser (50 threads), Epic (100 threads), and Legendary (180 threads). In the latest Mists of Pandaria Remix, Blizzard has revamped the way players can empower their cloaks due to nerfs to previously overpowered hyperspawn farms. Now use the following ways you can efficiently farm Spool of Eternal Threads:

1. Farming World Bosses for Legendary Threads

One of the most effective ways to gather spools of Eternal Threads is by defeating world bosses across Pandaria. Each boss drops a legendary spool, significantly boosting your cloak:

  • Sha of Anger in Kun-Lai Summit

  • Nalak on the Isle of Thunder

  • Salyis's Warband in Valley of the Four Winds

  • Oondasta on the Isle of Giants

  • Galleon in Valley of the Four Winds

Each legendary spool from these bosses provides 1080 threads, and you can engage these bosses daily for rewards.

2. Completing Infinite Bazaar Daily Quests

The Infinite Bazaar, marked by a special symbol on your map, offers three daily quests that each reward a legendary spool of Eternal Threads:

  • Scenario Quests: Complete one scenario quest.

  • Dungeon Quests: Defeat three dungeon bosses.

  • Raid Quests (LFR): Kill two raid bosses.

These quests not only provide a significant amount of threads but also offer a routine method to enhance your gear and cloak daily.

3. Rewards from LFR, Scenarios, and Looking for Group (LFG)

Participating in LFR, scenarios, and various group activities will grant you spools of Eternal Threads. The type of spool you receive depends on your character's level:

  • At level 70, you will receive the legendary version.

  • At levels below 70, rewards will scale appropriately but are generally of the epic or lower quality.

These activities are a staple for not just gaining threads but also for acquiring other valuable in-game items and experience.

4. One-Time Achievements for Spools

Engaging in one-time achievements across different aspects of the game is another method to obtain spools:

  • Complete campaign quests for legendary spools.

  • Achieve specific dungeon, raid, and exploration goals for varying qualities of spools, from green to epic.

  • Special activities linked to rares, treasures, and reputation gains also offer spools.

Even if you have completed these achievements previously, it is expected (though not yet confirmed) that Blizzard will send the corresponding spools directly to your mailbox.

Despite the nerfs to popular farming methods, players can still efficiently farm bronze and threads in the MoP remix by utilizing the alternative methods mentioned above. Focus on killing world bosses, completing daily quests, and participating in LFR, dungeons, and scenarios to acquire Spool of Eternal Threads and power up your cloak quickly.

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