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PoE 3.24 Best Boss Killer Build - Top 3 Unkillable Boss Killers in Path of Exile

5/16/2024 11:05:06 AM

For those who like to destroy big bosses in less than a second,  seeking the thrill of toppling mighty foes with unparalleled efficiency. In this Path of Exile 3.24 boss killer guide, we're talking about the top 3 best boss killer builds, including its pros, cons, and unique gear.

PoE 3.24 Bossing Build Guide - Top 3 Best Boss Killer Builds in Path of Exile

The need for a boss killer build in Path of Exile's 3.24 league arises from the demands of challenging endgame content, the desire for efficient progression and farming, and the ever-evolving nature of the game's meta. As players seek to conquer new encounters, earn valuable rewards, and rise to the top of the leaderboards, the importance of specialized builds tailored for boss encounters becomes increasingly apparent. Next, let's check top 3 best PoE 3.24 boss killer builds! From the thunderous onslaught of Archmage Ice Nova to the deadly precision of Venom Gyre and the icy fury of Vaal Ice Shot, these builds promise to turn even the most daunting bosses into mere footnotes in your conquest of the land.

No.3 Archmage Ice Nova

Class: Templar

Ascendancy: Hierophant

Characteristics: Spell, Lightning, Area

This build stacks as much mana as possible to take advantage of the Archmade Support gem that grants up to 19% of your mana as extra lightning damage. The skill of choice was the transfigure gem Ice Nova of Frostbolts which deals a lot more damage when cast near a frost bolt. To make things smoother, we used the Kitava's helmet to automatically cast the frost bolts for us. 


Its boss damage is insane, All of those overlapping ice novas on countless frost bolts cause bosses to die like simple monsters. The clear speed is awesome as well with the help of Frost Blink of Wintery Blast. We can zoom through maps very fast while casting ice novas in all directions. It's just the best PoE 3.24 Necroplis boss killer build.


This build isn't cheap, because it needs a few Divine Orbs to work prop properly. Another issue is that you must have extra mana in all pieces of equipment and that might make the gearing process a little harder.


Armor - Loreweave

Helmet - Kitava's Thirst

Gloves - Rare Gloves with Mana

Boots - Rare Wands

Ring - Anathema, Rare Ring

No.2 Venom Gyre

Class: Ranger

Ascendancy: Deadeye

Characteristics: Attack, Ranger, Elemental

Venom Gyre Deadeye is the most OP Path of Exile 3.24 boss killer build that is the master of the shotgun effect. Venom Gyre is a very interesting skill that fires a projectile that hits enemies and returns to you piercing and dealing damage to everything on its path. When the projectile successfully returns to you, you can keep and stack them up to 30 times and they will all be released at once when you use the Whiring Blades movement skill.


This build has an amazing clear speed, boss damage, and a big effective HP. Above all, it's cheap and easy to put together. It doesn't require any mandatory unique item.


It's hard to find something not to like on this build. However, this one is also vulnerable to chaos damage, unless you invest in chaos resistance gear.


Armor - Cherrubim's Maleficence

Weapon - Claw

Helmet - Blizzard Crown

Boots - Atziri Step

Ring - The Taming, Rare Ring

No.1 Vaal Ice Shot

Class: Ranger

Ascendancy: Deadeye

Characteristics: Attack, Ranged, Projectile, Cold

Vaal Ice Shot is the strongest Vaal skill for bosses The Vow Ice Shot Deadeye with the Ranger class ice shot is an awesome Archer skill that freezes the whole screen of enemies granting many explosions. There're two versions of this build, a budget and a complete. You can start this build even on a low budget and upgrade it later.


When you use it on bosses, you won't even need your Ballistas to obliterate them in less than a second. The clear speed is also outstanding, killing many monsters with only one shot. 


This build is not very tanky, even though you have some defensive layers, it's important to take advantage of your range attacks and stay far from danger. If you don't mind your position, you might die.


Armor - Hyrri's Ire

Weapon - Rare Bow, Rare Quiver

Ring - The Taming, Rare Ring

Amulet - Toke of Suffering

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