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Season of Discovery Phase 4 50-60 Leveling Guide - How To Get Level 60 In SOD

5/8/2024 10:47:51 AM

WOW Season of Discovery Phase 4 is on the way along with the new endgame systems, zones, gear, and gameplay changes. Today, we got you a SoD Phase 4 leveling guide, sharing the best ways to level from 50 to 60.

WoW Season of Discovery Phase 4 Leveling Guide - Best Way To Level From 1 To 60 In SOD

With the release of Phase 4, players will be able to level up to level 60. This means the cap is being increased from the current max of 59. Leveling to 60 will allow access to new, higher-level zones that were previously inaccessible, such as Eastern Plaguelands and Winterspring in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Endgame dungeons like Blackrock Depths and Scholomance that were previously capped will now be available to complete while leveling up to 60. There will be plenty of ways to level up through these new zones and instances, with the guide pointing players towards the existing WoW Season of Discovery 50-60 Leveling guide for best tips and prequest.

How to level to 60 in SOD Phase 4?

To reach level 60 in WoW Season of Discovery Phase 4, all you need to do is farm a lot of these repeatable mats and then put it in to get enough exp to 60. What you need is:

-First off you need to be in a group. Your group would need to have enough of the skinning materials to have 403 hand-ins. That would be 4030 skinning items. Group members and bank mules can hold them. So if you don't have enough bank space, you're going to have people to trade them to you. 

-The Skinning Quest is much easier to farm as you get 3-5, some people even get 4-6 of the quest items from skining. So they're much easier to farm before launch. It's a conjured item so if you lock it off for more than 30 minutes, it basically disappears. The other part is that your group members would need to have at least all combined 101 envelopes containing 12 in them. This is the skinning quest, you can keep these forever. These do not become conjured until you open it. 

-You should start a full inventory of these skinning items before launch. If you still need more before launch, have people farm a nightmare for you, grabbing these and getting them back to you as quickly as you can. These conjured items are tradable. To do this, you have all the incursion quests. You probably have 1 to 18, maybe have 12 in there as well, and hand all those in as prequests. Have your group open up the envelopes, get the star and spam 12 on you constantly as you keep handing in over and over again. 

-When you run out of skinning items, you have your group members trade you very quickly over and over again. You have a full inventory and then go at it again. This quest gives you 5,100 XP until you hit 58. It gives you 4,100 XP until you hit 59. It gives you 350 exp until you hit 60. It's unknown if it's considered a leak quest. You don't get that burst of exp. If you run out of quest items, just trade your group members. They'll fill you up super easy. 

-After 403 hand-ins, you'll be level 60. If you did the prequest in Feralas or Hinterlands, it'll be even quicker. Assuming the hand-ins take a second and trades take up to 5 seconds which is very conservative, it'll take you about 12.5 minutes to get a level 65 this method.

-To be noted, this Season of Discovery Phase 4 60 leveling method probably going to be changed because Blizzard has said that they don't want people leveling up in this way like the troll necklaces in Phase 2. It's also suggested that the 75% exp buff is here to stay which makes it quicker. The above is assuming without the 75% buff, however, with the 75% buff, it would take 230 hand-ins with 2,300 quest items needed to hit the max level about 7 to 8 minutes.

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