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How to Get All Rocket League Season 1 Series & Haunted Hallows Items - Cheap New RL Items for Sale | AOEAH.COM

10/26/2020 3:41:01 PM

The first series of new Rocket League items since the free to play update arrived on October 19, along with that, the Haunted Hallows has returned to the game with a batch of new items as well. How to get these special battle cars, wheels, decals, goal explosions, and other items? Follow to check out all the available Rocket League season 1 series items and Haunted Hallows items and you can get them with the fastest method. 

Rocket League Season 1 Series Items

From this season 1 series, you can get more than 20 new Rocket League items including the new car body INSIDIO, Black Market decal and goal explosion, special decals for INSIDIO, OCTANE and FENNEC, Import, Exotic, and Very Rare wheels, as well as boost, banner, and trail. Check out the list of RL Season 1 series items.  


INSIDIO (Import)

Goal Explosion

BUFFY-SUGO (Black Market)


STIPPLE GAIT (Black Market)











DIRE WOLF (Exotic)

HYDRAUL1K (Import)




FLIM-FLAM (Very Rare)

PLAYOCK (Very Rare)






TRUTH BEAM (Very Rare)

How to Get Rocket League Season 1 Series Items?

RL items from the new series can be unlocked in the following ways.

- Blueprints. Once you played online matches, you will have a chance to get a Rocket League Blueprint, which shows the item can be built with Rocket League credits, you can choose to build the item or keep the Blueprint. There are extra-rate variants that will be available in the Blueprint, don’t miss them!

- Item Shop. New items from the Season 1 Series were added into the Item Shop with the game update went live on all platforms. Starting from Season 1, new Series items will be named after the season in which they release. 

- Trade with others. Blueprints and new items you get from them are tradable to other players on the same platform.

- Buy cheap items in a safe store. The fastest way to get your favorite item is to buy it on, we are offering the cheapest Rocket League Season 1 series items now for all the platforms. You can also check out their values before trading with our Rocket League Prices function. 

Rocket League Haunted Hallows Items & Rewards and How to Get Them?

For celebrating Ghostbusters and Halloween, Rocket League Haunted Hallows kicked off on October 20 with a set of new items, which can be unlocked when you completed Event Challenges or obtained through other methods. This Halloween event will be live in the game until November 2, 2020.

Ghostbusters Set & Golden Pumpkin

The list of Rocket League Haunted Hallows items is available to obtain by completing challenges.

Ghost Trap Topper: Get 20 centers or clears in online matches

Stay Puft Topper: Get 10 saves or epic saves in online matches

GhostBusters Player Banner: Get 5 goals, assists, or saves in online matches

ECTO-1 Player Banner: Get 3 assists in online matches

GhostBusters Avatar Border: Use the "Nice Shot!" or "Nice One!" or "Okay." quick chats in 10 online matches

Mood Slime Boost: Gain 3 XP levels

Ectoplasm Boost: Score 5 total goals in online matches

Slimer Topper: Get 10 assists in online matches

Stay Puft Wheels: Win 2 matches in a row

GhostBusters Wheels: Earn 2 MVP honors in online matches

Golden Pumpkin: Play 20 online matches (Repeatable 5 times)

20k XP: Win 10 online matches (Repeatable)

Halloween-Themed Items from Item Shop

More frightening items from Ghostbusters and previous Haunted Hallows events like Stay Puft and Reaper Goal Explosions and even the iconic Ecto-1 are available in the Item Shop. 

Ecto-1 Car - Oct 21-22

Stay Puft Goal Explosion - Oct 23-24

Ectoplasm Decal (Universal) - Oct 25-26

Demon Disc Wheels (Titanium White) - Oct 25-26

Vampire Bats Goal Explosion - Oct 27-28

Reaper Goal Explosion - Oct 29-30

In addition, you can also trade the items with players on the same platform or buy RL Haunted Hallows on AOEAH directly. 

Cheap Rocket League Season 1 Series & Haunted Hallows Items Offered at AOEAH

There are lots of effective ways to get these new RL items in the game, if you are skilled at the online matches and challenges, you may earn the rewards faster than other players. However, if you do not good at them and lack time during the period, purchase these items at AOEAH is an option for you. Now, cheap Rocket League Haunted Hallows and Season 1 Series items are offered on our site with budget prices, instant delivery, safety guarantee, and 24/7 customer service. Any problems you meet during the process of buying Rocket League credits, blueprints, and items, please contact us quickly. 

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