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Dragonflight Season 4 DPS Tier List - Best Melee & Ranged DPS in WoW Dragonflight S4

4/7/2024 10:25:24 AM

WoW Dragonfi Season 4 is on its way. Who's going to be S tier, A tier, B tier, C tier DPS in Mythic+. In our Dragonflight Season 4 DPS tier list, we’re ranking the best melee and ranged DPS for M+.

Dragonflight Season 4 M+ DPS Tier List - Ranking Best DPS in Dragonflight S4

Knowing which melee and ranged DPS specs reign supreme can make all the difference between success and defeat in WoW Dragonfight Season 4. In this Dragonflight Season 4 M+ melee and Rangd DPS tier list, we delve deep into the strengths and weaknesses of each spec, providing valuable insights for players seeking to optimize their group compositions and climb the ladder of Mythic+ greatness. From the legendary Outlaw Rogues to the formidable Augmentation Paladins, let's explore some of the best Mythic+ DPS in Dragonflight Season 4.

Dragonflight Season 4 Melee DPS Tier List

S Tier:

  1. Outlaw Rogue: Demonstrates consistent performance in Mythic+ dungeons, offering strong AoE and single-target damage. Its toolkit, including abilities like Faint and Sprint, provides excellent utility, contributing to its top-tier status.

  2. Retribution Paladin: Offers powerful single-target damage alongside explosive AoE capabilities, making it a versatile and highly desirable DPS spec for Mythic+ dungeons. With a well-rounded toolkit, it excels in various dungeon scenarios.

A Tier:

  1. Arms Warrior: Expected to land in A tier due to potential AoE improvements with the upcoming tier set, although single-target performance may still be a concern.

  2. Havoc Demon Hunter: Maintains a strong position in A tier, providing solid damage output, but not reaching the pinnacle of S tier due to competition and possibly lacking additional utility compared to other specs.

  3. Enhancement Shaman: Consistently performs well but may lack survivability in higher-level keys. Its damage output remains high, keeping it within the A tier range.

  4. Windwalker Monk: Expected to perform slightly better in Season 4, offering decent AoE and single-target damage. However, further analysis is needed to determine its exact position within the tier.

B Tier:

  1. Fury Warrior: While receiving the Season 2 tier set, its performance may not surpass other specs in the meta, leading to its placement in B tier. It may need time to ramp up and potentially overtake Arms Warrior later in the season.

  2. Feral Druid: Known for its strong AoE capabilities, particularly in big pulls, making it a solid choice for Mythic+ dungeons, although it may not reach the same level as the top-tier specs.

  3. Frost Death Knight: Expected to perform decently with the Season 2 tier set, especially in AoE situations. However, its overall performance may not exceed that of other specs in higher-level keys.

  4. Subtlety Rogue: Currently lacking sufficient data, making its exact placement uncertain. It may land in B tier due to its niche role and potential for strong single-target damage.

C Tier:

  1. Assassination Rogue: Expected to remain in C tier due to its lack of significant changes and potential improvements. While viable, it may struggle to compete with higher-performing specs in the meta.

Dragonflight Season 4 Ranged DPS Tier List

S Tier:

  1. Augmentation Paladin: Augmentation Paladin, likely referring to Retribution Paladin, earns its place in the S tier due to its strong single-target damage, survivability, and utility. With its current toolkit and the season 3 tier set, Retribution Paladins are expected to excel in both single-target and AoE situations, making them a valuable asset in Mythic+ dungeons.

  2. Shadow Priest: Shadow Priests, especially when utilizing the god comp (with Fire Mages and Affliction Warlocks), have historically dominated in Mythic+ dungeons. Despite recent nerfs, Shadow Priests remain formidable with their high sustained damage, strong crowd control abilities, and utility like Mass Dispel and Power Word: Barrier.

  3. Fire Mage: Fire Mages have been a staple in Mythic+ dungeons, especially when paired with Shadow Priests and Affliction Warlocks in the god comp. With their season 2 tier set and potent AoE and burst damage capabilities, Fire Mages are expected to continue delivering impressive performance in Mythic+.

  4. Destruction Warlock: Destruction Warlocks, although slightly behind Fire Mages in terms of burst damage, still bring substantial AoE and single-target damage to Mythic+ dungeons. With their season 1 tier set and reliable toolkit, Destruction Warlocks remain a strong choice for ranged DPS in Mythic+ content.

  5. Beast Mastery Hunter: Beast Mastery Hunters, known for their consistent and high single-target damage, earn their place in the S tier due to their versatility, mobility, and ease of play. Despite potential squishiness, Beast Mastery Hunters bring reliable damage and utility to Mythic+ groups.

A Tier:

  1. Elemental Shaman: Elemental Shamans, especially utilizing the "meatball" build focusing on spamming Lava Burst, have been performing impressively in Mythic+ dungeons. With their season 3 tier set and strong AoE damage potential, Elemental Shamans are expected to be a solid choice in Mythic+.

  2. Demonology Warlock: Demonology Warlocks offer a mix of single-target and AoE damage along with utility like Summon Demonic Circle and Shadowfury. With their season 3 tier set and decent damage output, Demonology Warlocks secure their spot in the A tier.

  3. Arcane Mage: Arcane Mages, although less popular than Fire Mages, still bring considerable burst damage potential and utility to Mythic+ dungeons. With their season 3 tier set and strong single-target damage, Arcane Mages are expected to perform well in coordinated groups.

  4. Frost Mage: Frost Mages, known for their control and utility with slows and roots, earn their place in the A tier due to their ability to excel in certain Mythic+ affixes and situations. While slightly behind Fire Mages and Arcane Mages in terms of damage output, Frost Mages offer valuable crowd control options.

B Tier:

  1. Destruction Warlock: Despite being listed in the B tier, Destruction Warlocks have the potential to deal significant damage, especially with their season 1 tier set. While Destruction Warlocks bring strong burst damage and utility with abilities like Chaos Bolt and Demonic Gateway, they may face competition from other ranged DPS specs that offer similar or higher damage output.

C Tier:

  1. Marksmanship Hunter: Marksmanship Hunters, while still capable of decent damage output, struggle to compete with other ranged DPS specs due to their lack of burst damage and utility. With their squishiness and relatively lower damage compared to other ranged specs, Marksmanship Hunters find themselves in the C tier.

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