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Diablo 4 Season 3 Nightmare Dungeon Tier List - Ranking the Best NM Dungeons in D4 S3

1/24/2024 9:44:01 AM

Nightmare dungeons in Diablo 4 are randomized endgame dungeons that become available once a player reaches level 60 and enters the Nightmare difficulty level. Read our Diablo 4 Season 3 Nightmare dungeon tier list, we're ranking the best NMD for leveling and glyph.

Diablo 4 Season 3 Best Nightmare Dungeon - D4 S3 NM Dungeon Tier List & Ranking

There are different Nightmare dungeons spread throughout the Diablo IV that unlock as the player progresses through the story. The best D4 Season 3 NMDs will provide the fastest experience gains through optimal monster density and layout efficiency. This allows players to level and progress their seasonal characters at the quickest pace. Faster clearing in high-density NMDs means more drops and chances at upgrades per hour. Players can gear up their character more quickly by targeting the best Nightmare dungeons in Diablo 4. Now, let's delve in to our D4 S3 Nightmare dungeon ranking!

D4 Season 3 Leveling NMD Tier List

We rank the best Diablo 4 Season 3 leveling Nightmare dungeons based on optimal monster density, positioning, and layout efficiency for fast and steady experience gains during leveling runs.

Nightmare DungeonRanking
S TierMercy’s ReachProvides very good density and monster packs that give good experience. Located close to waypoints as well.
S TierBlind Burrows

Also has excellent density and mob packs. Can be cleared quickly.

S TierUldur’s CaveEffective layout with mobs packed close together, leading to fast clearing and XP gain.
S TierMariner’s RefugeSimilar to above dungeons in having optimal mob density and positioning for effective leveling.
S Tier (Glyph)Ghoa RuinsSuper interesting for glyphs farming
S Tier (Glyph)

Guulrahn Canals

Super interesting for glyphs farming
A TierDead Mans DredgeSlightly lower density than S tier but still offers good XP return.
A TierBastion Of FaithDecent density and space allows for efficient clearing.
A TierDeserted UnderpassLayout isn't as dense as top picks but monster density is high enough for quick runs.
A TierAldurwoodWhile spread out, monster types provide steady stream of XP.
A Tier

Champion’s Demise

May be slightly less packed than S tier but still solid XP gains.
B Tier
Maugan’s WorksDensity drops off a bit compared to above. More running between packs.
B TierBetrayer’s RowSimilar to Maugan's Works with slightly lower density that impacts clear speed.
B TierCharnel HouseLayout less efficient for quick clearing compared to optimal density of top picks.
D TierKor Dragan BarracksVery spread out layout makes clearing inefficiently slow compared to denser options.
D TierAkkhan’s GraspMonsters not packed closely together, requiring more running between packs.
D TierFaceless ShrineOdd corridors and configurations lead to time spent navigating instead of damaging.
D TierLight’s RefugeOpen areas mean monsters aren't as concentrated for AoE damage potential.
D TierSerpent’s LairPaths double back frequently, increasing non-combat time spent traveling.
D TierCollapsed VaultRuined state leaves monster placement disjointed without clear flow.
D TierPrison of CaldeumDivided chambers separate mobs, diminishing effectiveness of group clearing potential.
D TierShivta RuinsMazelike design leads to disorientation and backtracking as optimal paths aren't immediately clear.
D TierTomb of the SaintsNarrow corridors bottleneck movement while lacking suitable mob densities.
D TierKomdor TempleVast spaces see mobs thinly spread out, lowering effective kills per hour.
D TierPath of the BlindBlind corners throughout make effective rotations difficult and dangerous without visual cues.


Best Diablo 4 Season 3 Nightmare Leveling Routes

1.  Leveling Strats

  • Follow the season quest as far as possible

  • Do your class quest as soon as possible (lvl 15 or 25 depending on the class)

  • After the class quest, go look for your main affix (some specs don't need this step at all)

  • Equip the affix if you can (on an amulet, not a weapon), this step shows the importance of properly disenchanting everything at the enchanter

  • From this step there are 2 'schools'

2. 1st school: the brutes

  • Underground Realm tunnels until lvl 42-48, this depends on your class and confidence in the tunnels, advancing too quickly to T3 can generally slow down your XP speed

  • Capstone Dungeon between 42-48, pay close attention to items dropping in Cathedral of Light as they can be HUGE upgrades

  • Underground Realm tunnels in T3 until around 58-62

  • Gear enchanting/leveling

  • Capstone Dungeon

  • Beginning of T4, we strongly advise doing outside in order to recover an ancestral item set, helltides can be a bit rough at 60 so see the new seasonal zones. Supplement with Underground Realm tunnels until 65-66

  • Catch up on any delay in the seasonal mechanic

  • Beginning of Endgame rotation between helltides/Nightmare Dungeon/Vaults, prepare components for Grigoire/Vasharn/Zir according to desired unique items, all until reaching lvl 100 (you'll likely finish in full Nightmare Dungeon)

3. 2nd school: those who became claustrophobic and don't like tunnels

  • Everything will take place in the outside world, the goal is to complete World Tree quests in locations where the seasonal mechanic will be present, World Tree quests provide very reasonable XP + good gearing

  • Don't hesitate to rotate between dungeons that function as World Tree quests too

  • You'll have much better gearing than the first method and your pet should be much further along making capstones much simpler, We'd aim for lvl 40-44 to transition to T3

  • Once in T3, repeat the method with the added ability to begin Helltides which will allow starting your aspect collection

  • T3 complete, seasonal quests should allow further progression, make them your absolute priority

  • T4 transition around lvl 60

  • In T4 we should have access to the end of the seasonal mechanic, it's possible more leveling is needed before tackling the very last boss but do it as soon as possible.

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