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Escape from Tarkov Streets of Tarkov Map Special Features & Patch 12.7 Notes

6/17/2020 11:05:20 AM

The online shooter Escape from Tarkov will get a new huge map and 12.7 patch. The new Streets of Tarkov map comes with some special features, as Nikita Buyanov, Head of PR at Battlestate, explained during the PC Gaming Show. Follow us to check out more details.

What Is The New Hug Map - Streets of Tarkov Coming To Escape from Tarkov? 

The new map "Streets of Tarkov" is in a city, but it is in a really bad condition. Houses and cars have been destroyed, rubbish is everywhere and everything seems deserted.

EFT Streets of Tarkov

Graffiti on the walls, broken asphalt, burnt-out cars and abandoned houses - the new video shows a city that has seen better days. The level of detail is actually enormous. Would you like an example? The player enters an apartment in which only traces of the residents can be found: the bed is not made, there is an open magazine on the windowsill. An empty suitcase lies on the floor in the middle of rumpled clothes. It is through this environment alone that Escape from Tarkov tells the story of a hasty escape - or worse. This creates a good mood!

What Are Special Features of EFT Streets of Tarkov Map? 

  • - It is striking that the work was done in great detail, which Nikita Buyanov also revealed on the PC Gaming Show. The map is intended to simulate a realistic and modern city, the conversation said.

  • - In addition to the look, the sound should play an important role. You can crack this in the trailer and hear the sounds of objects in the area.

  • - Finally, the size of the map is impressive. The "Streets of Tarkov" should be the largest map in the shooter so far.

When will the Streets of Tarkov Map be released?

So far this is not known. Apparently, however, it is not planned for the upcoming Update 12.7, but only for a later one.

Outlook For The Upcoming Escape from Tarkov Patch 12.7

What's in EFT Patch 12.7? Officially, patch 12.7 should be more of a technical patch and make appropriate adjustments. The focus is on the complete revision of the skills system.

In addition, two content innovations are planned:

  • The "Customs" map is to be expanded by 30 to 40%.

  • The new boss "The Senator", who can heal himself and his allies, should come into play.

However, there are still no precise details about these innovations and the skill update.

When will EFT patch 12.7 be released? There is currently no exact date for the release of Patch 12.7. Patch 12.6 with the wipe and also patch 12.5 both appeared in May. So the next update shouldn't be too far away.

Escape from Tarkov Is Top Game on Twitch Again

Escape from Tarkov is very popular among streamers and viewers. Now the hardcore shooter is once again at number 1 on the game charts on Twitch. And thanks to the coveted Twitch drops.

That's going on: The hardcore shooter Escape from Tarkov is currently seeing an enormous increase in viewers on Twitch. Over 200,000 fans watch the streamers. This places EFT at number 2 on the Twitch charts, but at number 1 on the game charts. Only “Just Chatting” has around 25,000 more viewers. It wasn't until the beginning of June 2020 that EFT was able to break a new record online with over 200,000 players. At least that's what Battlestate Games COO Nikita Buyanov says. This is the reason for the current popularity on Twitch: The reason for the increase in viewers are the Twitch drops. Selected streamers have drops active and just by watching you get items such as weapons, armor or various rare EFT items as a player.

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