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Dragonflight 10.2 Gearing Guide: Fast PvE/PvP 489 iLvl Gear Up in Season 3

11/1/2023 11:37:56 AM

Season 3 of the Wow Dragonflight season is set to launch on December 13th and will introduce several changes to gearing and progression for both PvE and PvP activities. Here's a breakdown of what players can expect in terms of gearing up fast during Season 3.

WoW Dragonflight Seaseon 3 PvE & PvP Gearing Guide

With a guide all about gearing up in Patch 10.2, we'll take a look at the raid gear, the new tier sets, the Mythic+ dungeon pool, and what we can expect from those dungeons, we'll also have a brief look at PVP gear and the open world sources of gear.

Dragonflight 10.2 Gearing Sources To Item Level 489 Gear:

  • 415-437 iLvl Gear:  World Quests (Repeatable), The Hunt (Repeatable), Main Storyline (full gear except 1 ring and 2 trinkets (Weekly), BoE Drops from Green Chest (Weekly), Normal Dungeon

  • 428-450 iLvl Gear: Dragonbane Keep (Weekly), Fyrak loot (Weekly), Fyrrak chest (Weekly), Research under Fire (Weekly), Time Rift Dilated Time Pod (Weekly), Time Rift Trinkets Paracausal Flakes, Dreamsurge Coalesence vendor, Dreamsurge Cocoon vendor (Weekly), Rares and Treasures in Emerald Dream (Weekly), Heroic Dungeon

  • 441-463 iLvl Gear: 10.2 Weekly Quest 1 (Weekly), 10.2 Weekly Quest 2 (Weekly), 10.2 Event Superbloom (Weekly)

  • 415-460 iLvl Gear:  Profession Crafting Week 1 (Weekly)

  • 415-483 iLvl Gear: Profession Crafting Season 3

  • 454-467 iLvl Gear: World Boss

  • 437-450 iLvl Gear: Mythic Dungeon

  • 441-470 iLvl Gear: Mythic Plus Dungeon Runs

  • 454-483 iLvl Gear: Great Vault - Mythic plus, Raid - Normal

  • 454-476 iLvl Gear: Great Vault - Heroic Dungeon

  • 441-476 iLvl Gear:  Raid-LFR

  • 467-483 (489) iLvl Gear: Raid- Heroic

  • 480-489 iLvl Gear: Raid - Mythic

  • PvP 489 iLvl Gear: PvP - Honor, PvP 2 Conquest, PvP -Outdoor Blood vendor, PvP Crafted

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Now we are going to break down the main ways to gear up for your PvE and PvP characters in Dragonflight Season 3:

1. New Crest Upgrading System

In Season 3 Patch 10.2, we will still be using the Crest upgrading system, but this time it's got some slight improvements. There are no more fragments of crests, you just simply now get crests, so that's one less thing to worry about. Anything that would previously have rewarded you fragments will now give you a Crest instead and also crests are now a currency, so they no longer go into your bag.

The crest will still use the same naming system, but this time there's a slight tweak they now called for example Drake Streaming Quest or Wyrm Streaming Crests but they function in exactly the same way. And the upgrade racks are the same as well, so you've got:

  • Explorer Gear: Item Level 415 to 437

  • Adventurer Gear: Item Level 428 to 450

  • Veteran Gear:  Item Level 441 to 463 (2-8 Level Mythic+ Keys / LFR)

  • Champion Gear: Item Level 454 to 476 (9-16 Level Mythic+ Keys / Normal Raid)

  • Hero Gear: Item Level 467 to 483 (17-20 Level Mythic+ Keys / Heroic Raid)

  • Myth Track Gear: Item Level 480 to 489 (16-20 M+ Weekly Chest / Mythic Raid)

A good addition to this system is that you can now downgrade and upgrade crests. So there's not really many examples where you'd want to downgrade a crest, but when it comes to upgrading crests it isn't unlocked straight away. There's something that you need to do first, so once you have achieved the item level of gear required in all of your item slots, you will unlock an achievement. So for example, we've got Dreaming of Drakes which requires you to get item level 450 in every slot on your character, once you've done that you get the achievement, and that will then allow you to upgrade your Whelpling's Dream Crests into Drake's Dreaming Crests. And the system follows on from there, you've got Dreaming of Wyrms and then Dreaming of Aspect, so you can then continue to upgrade your crests as you gear your character up.

This just adds a good bit of flexibility to the system and we feel like it is going to be a welcome upgrade. The NPC that you use to do this is called Vaskarn and you can find him in the main Encampment of the Emerald Dream the main Hub where you'll soon find as soon as you enter the Emerald Dream and start questing there.

2. Filling Up Weekly Vault for New Tier Sets

Another little tweak especially for any alts or people that don't do any hard content is with the Weekly Vault. You'll see on the dungeon section, that you can now actually fill up your Weekly Vault using either Heroic Mythic or even time-walking dungeons. So it gives people a good easy in to start filling up their Vault for the week if they've just maybe dinged the max level or if they just don't do difficult content

Now with a new season always comes new tier sets and we all have a new tier set for every class dropping from The Raid or your Weekly Vault if you do Mythic+ or PVP. Now we know what you're thinking if you've been unlucky with tier sets in the past what about the Revival Catalyst? Now good news that is going to be open from day one of Season 3 - the 14th of November. So you'll get your first charge for that to use in week one. The only downside to this though is because it is open from week one, we now only get a charge of the Revival Catalyst every two weeks and not every week. And also because of this Blizzard has said that raid-tier pieces will drop slightly less at the start of Season 3. So fingers crossed within the first week, two of the raids being open you do get a piece from the actual raid itself and then get a piece in your Vault and that'll nicely get your two sets and then you can go from there. The Raid does follow suit with the other raids that have come so far in Dragonflight, whereas the further into the raid you go, the harder the bosses get, and the higher level item level loot they will drop.

3. Getting Legendary from Fyr'alath the Dream Render

And there are some unique ones some pretty super rare items which have great effects and perhaps the most exciting thing for Warriors, Paladins, and Death Knights is a new legendary strength two-handed axe. Fyr'alath the Dream Render is an awesome model, it's going to have some effect on it which we're not quite sure of yet. We don't know exactly what the stats are but we are sure that it's going to be well worth aiming for. And it is going to take a while to get, there's probably going to be some expensive materials involved, a lot of questing through the raid and gathering certain items. So that's 100% something to aim for if you were one of those classes.

4.  Running Mythic+ Dungeons

Now let's talk about Mythic+ in Season 3. Here's a look at the loot table when it comes to item levels for Season 3:

M+ KeysLoot Item LevelVaultCrest Tier

So you can see what level of gear drops from the end dungeon bosses and what you'll get from your Vault depending on what level of keys you complete. The only real difference here from last season is the Hero tier of upgrades - there's one more rank (rank six). So when it comes to upgrading gear from that tier it is going to take slightly more crests.

The major difference is of course the changing up in the dungeon pool so there are some different ones here. There are 8 dungeons going to be in Season 3 and with different dungeons, of course, comes different pools of loot, so you may want to check with your class guides or check yourself in the dungeon guide for anything such as trinkets or weapons that may be extra useful or OP for your class and spec just, so you've got a good idea of what to aim for when the season kicks off and which dungeons you may want to prioritize in terms of loot.

There are certain things like the weapons from the Dawn of the Infinite dungeon that have the added time strike stat on them for a bit of extra damage, which could be a good bonus if you get your hands on those or does the ring and the trinket that have a little two-piece set going on from Wyrm Crest Mana.

5. Upgrade PvP Gear with Flightstone

Briefly mentioned PVP gear. You can now upgrade the PVE item level of your PVP gear using Flightstone, so you no longer have to use Honor on this, it's a great way to soak those up. Because usually once your gear set's complete, you've just got loads of flightstones sitting around you sat there at the cap with nothing to do, so you can use your honor for different things and you can use these flightstones for that. You will now get flightstones from doing any kind of PVP activity, so don't worry if you don't do any activity other than PVP, you'll still get a steady supply of these coming in

6. Crafted Gear

A little mention of crafted gear, so it is still going to be relevant but it has taken a slight Nerf this time around. It's going to be a touch lower item level than it used to be, so it might not be as desirable depending on your class and spec and what you actually need from crafted gear but it still is going to be a brilliant way to get a good high item level piece of gear to maybe fill in a slot where you've had some bad luck and not get anything from the raid or Mythic+ for example. It is still a  solid way of getting things like a weapon early on if you need that.

7. Doing Open World Content

If you don't really do any of the difficult content and the main source of gear for you is the open world, then there's good news for you as well because a lot of the outdoor content has had a boost to the rewards in terms of item level, so you can still get Season 3 relevant item level rewards from things like the Fyrakk Assaults, Dragonbane Keep, all of the world quests, the Centaur Hunts, the Researchers Under Fire event, Time Rifts, Dreamsurges, all the repeatable quests and events that you're now used to in Dragonflight. So you can still use those if you want to fill in pieces of gear. But don't worry if you never step foot in the raid or Mythic+, you'll still be able to get some decent item-level gear from doing all of the relaxed Open World content.

So that pretty much wraps up all the gearing systems of WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.2 Season 3, so we hope that's cleared things up any questions you do have.

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