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Best Cheap Escape from Tarkov Weapons - 3 Budget Powerful EFT Guns For Beginners

4/14/2020 10:14:53 AM

Escape from Tarkov hardcore playground challenges players from the start. If you've already played a few rounds and want to know what good and cheap weapons you can try, you've come to the right place. Players looking for weapons to build budgets will also find what they are looking for.

Escape from Tarkov hardcore tactical shooter can be quite overwhelming at first. There are tons of weapons, accessories, and even different types of ammunition within the caliber classes. You can quickly lose track of things. Here are some tips and tricks for the right weapons and ammo to get started.

When should I seriously start attacking in Escape from Tarkov? You can handle all the effort in the first hours of the game and have a direct opportunity to do good things.

lBut up to level 5 and flea market activation, you have to deal with the cards and game mechanics. If you then have access to the flea market, you can sell pieces and Escape from Tarkov items of weapons at your own prices, and thus finally earn a fair amount of EFT rubles.

lIn our beginner tips, we recommend first making maps insecure like an SCAV, and then gradually digging deeper into the hardcore vortex.

lWith little experience you should not enter the fully equipped raids.

Best 3 Budget Powerful Weapons For Beginners

What weapons are recommended for beginners? In a video of EFT veteran "DeadlySlob", the YouTuber features 3 weapons that he recommends for beginners in particular, but also offers a good and affordable alternative for experienced players.

Prices are estimated by "DeadlySlob" and can sometimes differ significantly from current flea market prices. If the weapons are currently too expensive for you, look for another weapon from the list or come back later.

These are the weapons:

ADAR 2-15

Single-shot assault rifle with stable medium and long range values

can be expanded to M4

AK-74 / AK-74M / AK-74N

iconic russian assault rifle with many uses

something has to be modified, but then it has a very quiet automatic 

Vepr Hunter

Very strong and economical carabiner with a single shot.

Based on the AKM model and can use the powerful M80 ammunition

ADAR Does A Good Job For Little Money

What does the ADAR look like? The rifle is a single-shot variant of the well-known M4A1 and does a solid job at medium and long-range.

The weapon is so good for a budget build because you just have to modify it to get a good result. According to "DeadlySlob", a proper scope is enough and you have a really good weapon on hand.

What ammunition I should take with it? You can take the M855A1 as ammunition here. The cartridges are cheap and still do a lot of damage. With 3 full magazines, you should be fine, it's 90 shots.

ADAR Cartridges: Caliber M1855A1 / 5.56 x 45 mm NATO

Damage: 44

Penetration: 40

Cost: 200-300 rubles / pc.

How much does the gun cost? You can get the ADAR really cheap, but the viewfinder raises the price. You can also try another one here if you find something suitable in your box.

Weapon: ADAR - about 25,000 rubles

Viewfinder: 2.5 Primary Arms Compact Prism Viewfinder - about 18,000 rubles

Ammunition - about 20,000 rubles

Total cost - about 63,000 rubles

AK-74 Needs Accessories, But It Can Be Really Good

What can AKs do? Here you have several options as there are a few variants of the AK-74 and they all do a good job. But be careful not to use the more compact AKS-74.

Kalashnikovs are versatile, inexpensive, and can do a lot of damage in no time. However, you need some modifications with which you can compensate for the strong recoil of the weapons.

Therefore, Visier recommends "DeadlySlob", a simple red dot without many tricks. So you have a really stable automatic rifle and you can make violent shots in the short and medium range.

How about the balls here? Depending on your account balance, there are 2 options here. Either you take the slightly cheaper BT shells, which offer relatively little penetration, or you spend a little more and deal directly with the BS bullets.

However, since you are using fully automatic weapons, you should already have around 150 bullets, i.e. 5 magazines, with you.

AK-74 Cartridges: BT / 5.45 x 39 mm caliber

Damage: 44

Penetration: 33

Cost: 300-350 rubles / pc.

AK-74 Cartridges: BS / 5.45 x 39 mm caliber

Damage: 40

Penetration: 50

Cost: 550-600 rubles / pc.

What do I have to put on the table for the AK? Although the weapons themselves are reasonably priced, the cost of accessories and ammunition is increasing the total cost.

Weapon: AK-74 and variants - about 20,000 rubles

Visor: Belomo PK-06 reflex visor - about 15,000 rubles

Muzzle Fire Damper: PWS CQB 74 Muzzle Fire Brake 5.45 x 39 - about 10,000 rubles (dealer, cheapest on the flea market)

Pistol grip: Izhmash AK-74 pistol grip made of textolite (6P4 Sb.9) - less than 1,000 rubles at the dealership

BT ammunition - about 50,000 rubles

Total cost - about 100,000 rubles

Vepr Hunter Fires Nasty M80 Bullets

Why Hunter Vepr? The semi-automatic hunting carabiner does a very good job but is slightly more expensive. The hunter fires large caliber bullets and can therefore cause a lot of damage, but is still reasonably affordable.

The rifle hardly needs any accessories to be really strong. A decent viewfinder and 10-bullet magazines are enough to turn the carabiner into a dangerous assassin, at medium and long distances.

What do I fill the Vepr Hunter with? Compared to other weapons, bullets are a real bargain and hit the mark. However, the magazines only have 10 rounds. With 4 magazines, you should complete the round well.

Cartridges: M80 / 7.62 x 51 mm caliber

Damage: 80

Penetration: 45

Cost: 220 - 250 rubles / pc.

How much does the Vepr Hunter cost? "DeadlySlob" means that since the balls are slightly cheaper here, the Vepr Hunter's money bet remains below average. However, the weapon itself is the most expensive on our list. But you just need a good viewfinder and you get a weapon with real booms.

Weapon: Vepr Hunter - about 35,000 roubles

Visor: Belomo PK-06 reflex visor - about 15,000 rubles

Ammunition - about 10,000 rubles

Total cost - about 60,000 roubles

Use Insurance To Keep Budget EFT Guns

Any other advice in context? You are already well equipped with these weapons, but you have not yet gone far in the food chain. So use the insurance, since it is very possible that your weapons are left by better-equipped players.

The insurance company will return the weapons to you if no other player has laid down the weapons. It pays to make sure at first, as not many survivors are interested in their weaknesses.

However, the game has recently received a lot of attention and new players, so Tarkov's streamers have grown significantly. So there are many newcomers who are interested in your things. So stay calm and don't let the "Gear Fear" finish you.

What low-budget weapons have you already gained experience with? Do you have any suggestions for cheap and powerful weapons? If you need any cheap Escape from Tarkov Roubles and EFT Items, welcome to check out the best offers on AOEAH.COM


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