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Best EFT Keys For Customs In Escape from Tarkov

4/1/2020 1:22:53 PM

EFT Keys may be the most important item in Escape from Tarkov. These allow us to access the areas with the best loot and even open new areas to extract ourselves and complete the raids. However, getting them is not an easy task so in GuiltyBit we are going to tell you what are the best keys for Customs in Escape from Tarkov.

Remember that if you do not know the maps or want to have more knowledge about their loot areas, we have another guide for this that complements this one very well. With them, in mind you will be the kings looting on the Customs map.

EFT Marked Keys

This key gives us access to the area with the best rewards in Customs: The room with marks in the Three Stories bedroom. In this room, he often spammed storage containers, those that usually have the best Escape from Tarkov items in the game.

And of course, in the room with brands, we will also get weapons of the highest quality. The key can be obtained in the second-hand market in exchange for 30 or 40,000 EFT rubles, being one of the EFT keys with the best value for Escape from Tarkov money.

EFT Customs Office Key

Another way to get the best custom map loot is in the same office. Without forgetting that this location is usually part of many commissions.

And beware, we can buy this key in the second-hand market for only 10,000 Escape from Tarkov rubles. This makes it the cheapest key (and also a more than required purchase). Various customs office keys are available for sale on our EFT Items offer page.

EFT Factory Exit Key

The last utility key for Customs is the Factory escape key. But be careful, this key is not essential to get loot, precisely. Its value lies in that it gives us access to the guards building in front of the warehouse.

With it in your inventory, you will have access to the safest and fastest extraction area on the map. It also unlocks your locked room in the Factory to open two additional containers. We can get the key in exchange for 150,000 EFT rubles on the second-hand market, also can buy from Aoeah.Com.

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