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NBA 2K20 Best Builds Guide In MyCareer & Pro-AM: Creating Your Best Player

3/11/2020 6:17:56 AM

Creating your player on NBA 2K20 is quite complex due to the various factors (size, archetype, badges, etc.), which is why we offer you our advice on how to master this process. Note that here we are not talking directly about the best builds or op badges to have but more basic advice to get started in creating your player in MyCareer or Pro-AM.

How To Create Your Player & Get The Best Builds In NBA 2K20 MyCareer/Pro-AM

What Size is Optimal For Your Player?

Previously a fairly trivial and not very decisive element in the NBA 2K series, the size and wingspan of your player (the length of the arms) are now major criteria in the creation of your character.

  • Here are some things to consider:

  • The size of the player will have an impact on his physical abilities

  • It will also limit notes like passing or shooting

A player can be limited in his values if he is too small or too large in relation to his position

We, therefore, recommend that you create a character with optimal size and span for his position (less than 2 meters for a Back and a Game Leader for example) in order to obtain better potential in terms of his values. While a large size can sometimes have an advantage, in the extreme majority of cases, a player with better stats will make the difference compared to a few more centimeters.

What Archetypes Should You Choose For Your Player?

On NBA 2k20, the archetype is the general style of play adopted by your character, which will influence all of the character's attributes. Thus, the player's values will be impacted (speed, shooting, and passing scores) both at the time of creation and at the level of maximum potential.

For example, your player will not be able to get a very high score in a three-point shooting if he does not adopt at least one archetype related to shooting.

Note that you will have to choose two archetypes from the set of possible choices and that the combination of the two will have an impact on your scores but also on the number of badges your player will have.

What Badges for Your Player?

Badges (or badges) are also linked to your choice of size and archetypes. These will allow you to unlock specific movements but also additional skills, which can make the difference when your character gets a fairly high overall score.

Thus, a player with 95 of overall rating, could be worse than another player with the equivalent rating, if the latter has more high-level badges (Gold and Hall of Fame).

Is It Necessary To Optimize Your Player?

A bit like the question around the need to spend real money for NBA 2K MT in MyTeam mode, many players wonder whether it is necessary to optimize your player for MyCareer mode or Pro-AM. The answer is simple: no.

You can totally have fun on NBA 2K20 without really optimizing the creation of your character, especially in terms of its archetypes. If your goal is purely to play solo in MyCareer mode, your choices will not have much impact unless you play at a very high level of difficulty for you.

Conversely, if your goal is to play competitively online in Pro-AM or in the Park, it will be difficult to justify archetypes that are ill-suited to your position or a player size that is too different from your position.

Redo A Player on MyCareer?

If in previous editions it was very difficult to play several players on MyCareer (because it took a long time to go up to high level), the developers of 2K (source in English) mentioned a change in the duration of progression of a player.

From now on, it would seem that it is possible to raise a high-level player (95 OVR) in a few weeks of play (against one to two months without paying before), a novelty that will allow some to not spend hours looking to optimize their player before its creation.

Although it remains complex (taking into account size, archetype, and badge), the NBA 2K20 creation and progression system for your player in MyCareer and Pro-AM is a benchmark in sports games. In addition, the accelerated progression and the possibility of modifying major elements of your character during the season could make the creation phase less stressful. 

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