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Rocket League: Psyonix Lowers Blueprint Prices After Criticism

12/14/2019 12:46:39 AM

The feedback on the big Rocket League update, which removed the crates and keys from the game and implemented the new shop, as well as blueprints and real money currency "Rocket League credits", was very well received by the community. Although parts of the players were happy about the removal of the element of gambling, this joy was overshadowed by the criticism of the design of the blueprints and their prices.

Because to upgrade certain items that are to be seen on your blueprints to a full-fledged and usable item, maybe due to well over 2,000 credits, about 20 euros. Mind you per item. For those who are still familiar with the key system: 100 credits are roughly equivalent to one key. In this context, the pricing of purchases has remained roughly the same.

Psyonix Responds To Negative Feedback

On Wednesday, December 11th, developer Psyonix reacted to the negative feedback from the community. Apparently those responsible have noticed that they may have overshot the actual goal. Although the top prices for the rarest items remain approximately the same, but especially in the low and medium-class rarity category and the coloring of the items has something changed.

The new prices after the cuts

After rarity

Rare item: 50-100 credits

Very rare item: 100-200 credits

Import item: 300-500 credits

Exotic Item: 700-800 Credits


Most colors: + 50-200 additional credits

Burnt Sienna: +0 additional credits

Titanium White: + 100-500 additional credits

Special editions: + 200-400 additional credits

However, Psyonix reserves the right to deviate in price from the above guidelines for individual items. However, this is intended to be an exception and only to occur occasionally.

What about purchases already made?

Many of you who spent money on credits and blueprint items in the first week the system was available in the game will now legitimately wonder if they may have wasted a lot of money now. But don't worry, the responsible parties show themselves fair here.

All players who have invested credits in the period from 4 to 11 December, get the difference from the price that the corresponding items have then and now, refunded to their own in-game account. Although you will not get the real money back, but you can at least invest the other credits in other designs in the game.

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