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Maplestory M Welcomes New Class Cygnus Knights With 5 Cool Jobs And Cygnus Knights Growth Event

9/13/2018 12:09:27 AM

MapleStory M, the side-scrolling adventure mobile game of Nexon Korea added the new class Cygnus Knights to fight on both iOS and Android with the Cygnus Knights Content Update, also bring a new Cygnus Knights Growth Event with level up reward boxes to help new, returning and active players. 

Cygnus Knight has a new career to choose from, including Dawn Warrior, Wind Archer, Night Walker, Blaze Wizard and Thunder Breaker to protect and protect Empress Cygnus and fight against Black Magic to protect justice. 

MapleStory M Cygnus Knights 5 Jobs

MapleStory M Cygnus Knights - Five Classes

Dawn Warrior

                Warrior Mastery in melee combat. Comes with strength features. And the sword is a weapon. Those who like the characters who are hard at work. The Dawn Warrior is cool to see them like this. I do not know what to do. First, ask. Or do not ask it again! Let's go to it.

Wind Archer

                Cygnus Knights Archer by Wind Archer can use the Spirit of the Wind to defeat the enemy in a blink of an eye. Can use bows, arrows and breeze. Expertly With the spirit of the wind. They can control And call a big storm to destroy the enemy in front of it easily.

Night Walker

                Night Walker is a killer of shadows. It has a unique agility. Can throw starships to eliminate enemies and disappear in the shadows in the blink of an eye. Shadow Bat can knock the enemy quickly. The rumors that the 'Night Walker' Thief of the Cygnus Knights have been subjected to the enemy's head for more damage. Before the creatures in the shadows come out to get rid of everything that is in front of them.

Blaze Wizard

                The Magician of the Cygnus Knights specializes in magic spells. Blaze Wizard is a differentiator from the general magic is that there are a variety of skills to choose. Even the default class. You can enjoy a wide range of skills. And especially the fire element is one of them. So if you want to burn something or someone into a night Blaze Wizard

Thunder Breaker

                Pirates of the Sea Equipped with Lightning Gloves that can summon Lightning Shark to strike the enemy. Create a huge combo that only he can do. Who is the line of combos like the skill? Of course.

Maplestory M Cygnus Knights Growth Event With Level Up Reward Boxes

MapleStory M Cygnus Knights Growth Event

MapleStory M will also host a new MapleStory M Cygnus Knights Growth Event from now until October 9th, 2018 to help new, returning and active players. Maplers who create a Cygnus Knights character and level up any job during the Cygnus Knights Growth Event will receive special rewards, including the Cygnus Knights chair and mount. In addition, players who create a new account with any character reaching Lv. 3 through 75 will level up by 3 levels during the Burning Level Up Event. Now buy cheap Maplestory M Mesos to level up new class and win special rewards now! Below is the full list of Cygnus Knights Growth Event Rewards:

* Level 5 - Settlement Support Box 1

* Level 10 - Equipment Support Box 1

* Level 20 - Koala Pet Box

* Level 30 - Growth Support Box 1

* Level 40 - Settlement Support Box 2

* Level 50 - Equipment Growth Support Box 1

* Level 60 - Battle Support Box 1

* Level 70 - Equipment Growth Support Box 2

* Level 80 - Level-up Support Box

* Level 85 - Enhancement Support Box 1

* Level 95 - Growth Support Box 2

* Level 100 - 100 Level Reached Celebration Box

* Level 103 - Royal Beauty Box

* Level 105 - Cube Support Box

* Level 107 - Battle Support Box 2

* Level 110 - 110 Level Reached Celebration Box

* Level 113 - Auto-Battle Charge Ticket Package

* Level 115 - Battle Support Box 3

* Level 117 - Enhancement Support Box 2

* Level 120 - Shinjo Mount

For detail of each level up reward boxes, make sure to check in-game notice! Event rewards can only be claimed once per account. Rewards will be directly stored in your inventory. Some rewards are limited time from 7-14 days.

Additional information can be found on the main Facebook page of MapleStory M or the official site.

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