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Rocket League Rocket Pass 1 Starts On September 5 Brings 29 Free Rewards And 70 Premium Rewards

8/31/2018 5:51:59 PM

A few months ago, Psyonix announced that it was planning to introduce a completely new system not yet seen in the Rocket League world. The project was named Rocket Pass, and at the end of June they provided a more detailed information package.


Now, however, the time has come to show Psyonix from the beginning to the end of how it will look like this. There will of course be free of charge items, but the real delicacies will be hidden by the Premium Pass, which will cost 10 keys. So it's not money, it's the pay-as-you-go tool, the key. If there are a few unnecessary stuff in your garage, you might want to pick them up if you can get the amount you want. Let's take pictures of what's waiting for us. (The gallery can be accessed by clicking on the image.)


It's obvious that we can get plenty of interesting items from the season ticket, there will be a number of XP , goal explosions, several keys, and a number of customization items. The car looks brilliantly, and there are some cool copies on the wheels. We have a bit of bitterness that we will get the same items in the same way but always in a slightly tuned version, but anyway, 10 keys are still worth the pass. Developers said they would need roughly 100 hours of gameplay to get rid of the season ticket, which could be a bit more time-consuming. We will have about 80 days to get the best out of the list before developers close it. From September 5th to November 26th, we can farm Rocket League keys and items with the new Rocket Pass system in Rocket League.

All in all, we did not let ourselves fall back from the unveiling, but the first Rocket Pass is not bad, we hope the local experience will be passed on by developers to the next. We will not get extra missions in-game yet, you will not have to shoot a goal from the ceiling or get rid of ten shots, now we just have to play to get the stuff, although developers have said that in the future, extra task. Those who have natural progress would not be fast enough, you do not have to worry, extra keys can be unlocked or you have some Pro Tier still waiting for us to get the premium pack. Additionally, there is nothing left out of the party who does not want to give extra money / keys so for the whole thing, 29 Rocket League items can be obtained with the Free Pass.


The announcement could not have been complete without a trailer!

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