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NBA 2K23 Best Attributes to Upgrade - What Attribute Should I Upgrade and How to Upgrade

3/16/2023 5:58:10 PM

For people who are going to make a new build in NBA 2K23 MyCAREER, what attribute and badge should you upgrade first? Today we are going to focus on the best attributes to upgrade in 2K23 for each category and how to upgrade them.

NBA 2K23 Best Attributes to Upgrade - What Attribute Should I Upgrade and How to Upgrade

The attributes in NBA 2K23 can be divided into five different categories, including finishing, shooting, playmaking, defense/rebounding, and physicals. In terms of the attribute upgrades in 2K23, which attribute should I upgrade and how to upgrade it?

Best Finishing Attributes to Upgrade in 2K23

Starting from the finishing attributes, the most valuable things you could get are Driving Dunk and Post Control. Having an 80 driving dunk will get you quick drops if you have a 75 vertical, and then having an 84 will get you contacts and then if you go even higher, you can get the elite contacts, so there are actual benefits for increasing your driving dunk, there are badges that you could get like Limitless Takeoff on Gold or Hall of Fame even though you only needed silver, there's also contact dunk animations you could get from upgrading your driving dunk.

Post control is valuable for tall guards, Unpluckable is a very valuable badge in this game, if you up your post control, it can give you Quick First Step and Unpluckable, so that makes post control the second most valuable attribute. There are not really any finishing attributes that are like trash, but you don't really need a close shot on a PG, the standing dunk depends on what type of build you make.

Best Shooting Attributes to Upgrade in 2K23

Speaking of best attributes in shooting, the three-point shot is usually the most valuable one, but you only need 70 to 85 three-point shot in 2K23, depending on how you are making your build, people can really green with a 3PT lower than 80, so you don’t need that high of a three-ball, 85 would be the max. 

Best Playmaking Attributes to Upgrade in 2K23

When it comes to playmaking, there is nothing here that is too valuable, but you are going to want to have a pass accuracy of at least 70, then the ball handle and speed with ball do not that matter, the only thing it matters for is animations. The maximum ball handle you would need is maybe an 80, there's no speed with ball requirements for any of the sigs. Most of these just have height requirements and then maybe an 80-ball handle and something like that, so you really don't need much of a ball handle or speed with ball. Overall, for playmaking, the most valuable would be the pass accuracy which helps you to make the best build.  

Best Defense Attributes to Upgrade in 2K23

There are three defensive attributes you should upgrade, Perimeter Defense, Steal, and Block. Block helps you get Anchor, which is one of the best badges in the game, makes it valuable, Steal gives you Glove, also one of the most valuable badges in the game, Perimeter Defense ups the speed of your defense while you're holding L2 playing locked in defense. Nothing in here is not valuable on a PG.

Bet Physicals Attributes to Upgrade in 2K23

Lastly, for physicals, acceleration is more important than speed, you can make sure your acceleration is always higher than your speed. And always puts your vertical at least 75, so you could get quick drops with the dunks, vertical also helps you play better pain defense, helps you get more boards, it helps with a lot of different things, so vertical is very important and that's pretty much it when it comes to the most valuable physical attributes.

How to upgrade attributes in NBA 2K23

- Click the start button and navigate to the Progression area.

- If you select Progression, the Attributes tab will appear at the very top.

- Click it, and you will be sent to your attribute panel.

- In the attribute screen, you can decide the attribute you want to upgrade.

- If you lack sufficient NBA 2K23 Virtual Currency, you must earn it or buy it, and the price for the attribute you want to upgrade will be displayed in your shopping cart.

- If you have enough VC, you will be able to purchase anything you like.

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