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How To Solo Grind Level 40 in NBA 2K23 - Most Efficient Way to Solo Grind Level 40

2/18/2023 5:58:58 PM

The grind for core badge patterns burned out my usual running mates and so we found myself an orphan starting season 4 looking for the fastest way to get to 40 in NBA 2K23.

We ended up getting there after completing 115 rec center games as a walk-on. Considering we only used 3 hours of 2x tokens we think wecan get this down to 100 games next season.


  • Tall center (at least 7'1") with HoF Rebound Chaser, Break Starter, Boxout Beast

    • Your main scoring will be putbacks, so don't waste points on shooting or finishing. As a random big, you aren't getting any passes anyway. Need to be tall with good passing to ensure placement at C.

  • Must be willing to quit bad matchups early and often (embrace casual)

    • Uneven teams. Your teammates are likely to be casual/hooper. If you see gold/purple opponents it's time to move on.

    • Opponents come out in a 2/3 zone. Save yourself the time and frustration.

    • Bad PG. When you know, you know and they are legion.

    • You get placed at PF

Not much to the game play as a big, just rebound and RB/LB the outlet pass for easy assists.


  • The % of XP per win changes every 5 levels

  • Beasts of the East wins every city event. Just need to play a single game to get a 2x token.

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