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D2R 2.6 Sunder Charm Drop Rates (Single Player) & Best Areas To Farm Offline

2/16/2023 11:50:35 AM

With the 2.6 paths rolled out in Diablo 2 Resurrected, the Sunder Charms and Terror Zones are live on Single Player and No-Ladder Mode, which means now all people including the offline players are able to collect the unique immunity charms. But now the question for offline players is how to find your desired Sunder Charms as soon as possible on the Singler Player game mode. This D2R 2.6 Sunder Charms Drop Rate Guide shared by u/Pavke could help you out.

Where To Farm Sunder Charms in Diablo 2 Resurrected (Offline & Online Mode)?

  • Sunder Charms are available in all game modes starting February 17, 2023, except for D2 Classic Mode.

  • Sunder Charms drop from Champion, Unique, Super Unique, and Boss-type monsters in Terrorized Areas.

  • You must be level 75 to wear Sunder Charms.

D2R Sunder Charms Drop Rates (Singler Player)

What Are the Drop Rates of Sunder Charm in D2R? As you know, the drop rates of items in Diablo 2 are related to Treasure Class. Then we can check the game files, specifically TreasureClassEx.txt to see how the item generation works to answer the question of the drop rate of Sunder Charms.

Many Treasure Classes (TC) have the name "Desecrated," as may be seen by looking at TreasureClassEx.txt. Internal development term for frightened creatures. As an example, let's use one class:

Act 5 (H) Unique C Desecrated 37 85 -2 0 Sunder Charms 1 Act 5 (H) Unique C 1

This implies that the game will attempt to drop One Sunder Charm in addition to the usual drop for each Unique enemy you kill. as in a typical D2R item drop from a special monster, as it always has been. The monster drop cycle has a whole other branch called Sunder TC. Sunder drop rates are unaffected by Magic Find. Any other item's drop probability is unaffected by dropping Sunder characters. The possibility that Sunders will drop depends only on Player Settings.

Sunder Charms Treasure Class

Sunder Charms 1 23899 Cold Rupture 30 Flame Rift 30 Crack of the Heavens 20 Rotting Fissure 12 Bone Break 6 Black Cleft 3

NoDrop has a staggering 23899 on Players1. You have 23899 in 24000 to obtain a NoDrop on Players1 even if the system attempts to drop a Sunder every time you kill a monster! The most prevalent charms, at 30 per 24000, are Cold and Fire, according to this information. Lightning, poison, and physical charms come next. The probability of finding a magic sunder charm is the lowest, with just 3 in 24000. Cold/Fire sunder charms are 10 times less common than Magic Charms!

Sunder Charms Drop Rates on Different Player Settings

Because of the high NoDrop value, Player Settings have a significant influence on item drop rates in Diablo 2 Resurrected.  We can use the following method to get the Sunder Charms drop probability for each player setting (chance per boss/unique killed):

Sunder Charms Drop Rates on Different Player Settings


1 in1 in1 in1 in
Cold Sunder Charm800401268201
Fire Sunder Charm800401268201
Lightning Sunder Charm1200601402302
Poison Sunder Charm
Physical Sunder Charm4000200413391006
Magic Sunder Charm800040082678


Any Charms2381198030
  • Cold Sunder Charms (Cold Rupture) drop 1 in 201 from every Terrorized Bosses/SuperUniques/Unique/Champion monster killed on Players7 and 1 in 801 monster killed on Players1

  • Magic Sunder Charms (Black Cleft)drop 1 in 8000 from every Terrorized Bosses/SuperUniques/Unique/Champion monsters killed on Players1

  • Player settings have a huge impact on Sunder drop rates! For online play even more! If we include party members nearby Cold Rapture, for example, has 1 in 101 drop chance to drop for Party of 8.

Best Areas To Farm Sunder Charms for Single-Player

According to the above statistics and calculations, we have found out the best farm sunder charms, which are very beneficial for those players who like single-player:

Chaos Sanctuary

For Single Player on Players, 7 difficulty settings we can expect a Sunder Charm to drop every 6 (six) Chaos Sanctuary runs! 

Monsters that drop Sunder Charms are more plentiful in Chaos Sanctuary (the additional three Seal Bosses and Diablo). Additionally, CS is a well-accepted metric for efficiency. Everyone is capable of doing CS runs.

Drop chance for Sunder Charm per Chaos Sanctuary Run


1 in1 in1 in1 in
Cold Sunder Charm80402720
Fire Sunder Charm80402720
Lightning Sunder Charm120604030
Poison Sunder Charm
Physical Sunder Charm400200134101
Magic Sunder Charm800401268


Any Charms241286

6-7 "upgrade" elite packs, three Seal Bosses, and Diablo may all spawn from CS. The "upgrade" for an elite pack is often a Unique monster pack (80% of the time) or a Champion monster pack (20%). Without delving further into mathematics, it is difficult to understand. After many runs, we can generally estimate the distribution of Unique and Champion monsters: we will get 4 Unique monsters and 3 Champion monsters every run, rounded. Diablo and the three Seal bosses give us a total of 10 possible Sunder charm drops.

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