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​Best FIFA 23 4312 Custom Tactics For FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

2/2/2023 4:28:50 PM

Today FIFA 23 custom tactic to review today, it is going to be for the Boris Legend FIFA 23 4312.  Actually posts the individual tactic for it, it's in one of the RTG, that end up using for this tactic ended up using a different team, if you want to see the different team, it's the one for Perez, and who's the other player that uses Perez and gear low right.

Show you what the FIFA 23 4312 custom tactics and how it's formatted right is like this, Boris Legend has it set up with a balanced defensive style 25 for width 55 for depth, build-up Play balance direct passing for chance creation, because, on the New Gen version of the game, put balance very few formations.

Best  FIFA 23 4312 Custom Tactics & Player Instructions For  FIFA  23 Ultimate Team

Here are the best custom tactics for FIFA 23, which has one of the best formations for creating chances and scoring goals in FIFA 23. 

Best FIFA 23 4312 custom tactic


Defensive Style: Balanced

Width: 25

Depth: 55


Build Up Play: Balanced

Chance Creation: Direct Passing

Width: 40

Players in Box: 6

Corners: 1

Free Kicks: 1

FIFA 23 4312 Player Instructions

Full Back Instructions 

Right Back is on Stay Back While Attacking, Left Back was gonna be the More Attacking Oriend one is on balanced.

Central MID. Instructions

Your center mid playing through the middle is on stay back while attacking coves center, your left center mid is on get forward or your right center MID is on Bounce instructions.

Attacking MID. Instructions 

Your cam is on comeback and defense.  

Striker Instructions 

Your two strikers are on stay central. 

Centre Back Instructions 

This information is very similar in the sense of you know the 4321 where is basically works out well in this game, because the formation is glitched right as it has been for multiple years, so here is the thing that happens with this formation right, because you have that cover wing instruction.


Full Back Instructions

When you have the cover wing on a card like Banaster, but you have your left back, actually attacking these two are gonna actually play with each other the lefts that are mid and the left back right, because you have that cover wing instruction, if you have your other fullback who’s on stay back while attacking. 

Central MID. Instructions 

The right center MID is up to you obviously you can get an attacking and defensive-oriented card like Juan Cuadrado but what the competitive players and the pro player has been doing on a consistent level.

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