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FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League & Europa League - Hints Are Thickening

5/16/2018 11:56:46 AM

FIFA 19 will include the UEFA Champions League. The commentator Evert ten Napel casually told the final of the Dutch FIFA championship. So far, the license was firmly in the hands of competitor Konami, but with the upcoming end of the cooperation on May 25, EA SPORTS has apparently struck. Konami, meanwhile, wants to break new ground.

FIFA 19 UEFA Champions League

It's still a few months until the release of FIFA 19 and so far, little is known about the new part. The first information was now available from football commentator Evert ten Napel. Together with Youri Mulder he forms the Dutch counterpart to Wolff-Christoph Fuss and Frank Buschmann, the German FIFA In-game commentators. Because of his work for EA, Napel gets early small insights into the upcoming part. This includes the information that the Champions League and Europa League will be included in FIFA 19.

"For about six to seven days a year, I'll make new statements in the studio in Utrecht, including 2019. The match will be even better because they have added the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League," Napel announced during the broadcast of the eDivisie-finals. Meanwhile, EA is still covered: "No comment", it was said by the developer.


EA SPORTS instead of Konami Add Champions League Into FIFA 19?

In recent years, the Champions League was not included in the parts of the FIFA series, because since 2009, the UEFA license is at Konami. But this year the partnership ends. "After ten years, we just decided we would like to go down a new path and that way will be without the UEFA Champions League," European PES Brand Manager Lennart Bobzien told kicker eSport. The split took place amicably and new collaborations with UEFA will not exclude Bobzien in the future.

"It was a great partnership, but on the other hand, we will now explore new ways that are good for our users," added Bobzien. The PES League would not be affected either: "PES League will not be dead, it will definitely continue without the UEFA Champions League." For now, EA SPORTS seems to be the partner of choice.


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