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How To Gear Up Level 80 WotLK Phase 2 - Easy & Fast WotLK Lvl 80 Gearing Without Raids

1/11/2023 2:08:37 PM

You just hit level 80 and you want to catch up as quickly as possible in WotLK Classic phase 2, but nobody will let you raid or play arenas without gear. Today we share some of the WotLK level 80 gearing solutions. From the new Titan Rune dungeons to the Argent tournament catch-up gear, there are the best ways to gear your character without raiding in WotLK Classic phase 2.

WotLK Lvl 80 Gearing Without Raids - How To Gear Up Level 80 WotLK Phase 2 

Wrath of the Lich King phase 2 and Ulduar is almost here, it’s time to learn how to gear up during WotLK phase 2 without raiding or doing arenas. So, if you want to gear up but don’t have the time to raid right now, or you want to get jacked before you head into your first raid in phase 2, the below gearing guide for fresh level 80 tells you what to do when you hit 80 in WotLK Classic & how to gear up fast as level 80 in WotLK.

1. Grab the Best PvP Gear

The first thing your fresh 80 should do is to grab the best available PvP gear based on your honor and your rating. That means taking your fresh 80s to Wintergrasp every three 3 hours to rake in the honor on Wintergrasp marks. In Phase 2, there are brand new Furious Gladiator gear and new off-pieces available at a shocking 232 item level. But if you don't want to farm Battlegrounds, make a 5s team and yolo every game until you're at least 1300 rating. The brand new commendations of Bravery cost just 100 arena points each and give 2000 honor. Playing 10 games a week in under 1 hour will net you 24000 honor per week for free gear. 

Starting January 10, Hateful Gladiator gear will no longer have any requirements and will be available purely for Honor alongside Savage Gladiator Gear. This 200 item level gear for WotLK phase 2 is perfect for your fresh toons.

2. Titan Rune Dungeons

Once you have a few PvP pieces, the best way to get your character caught up is by running Titan Rune dungeons. In Phase 2, a new Titan Rune mode will be added to each Heroic dungeon. The mode increases both mob health and damage, plus there are new affixes. Each set of dungeons has a specific affix. We are able to clear the new dungeons with blue gear even with the increased difficulty making Titan Rune dungeons, the ultimate catch-up mechanic. On top of the typical pre-bis blues, every normal boss in Titan Rune Mode drops x200 item level gear in phase 2. In Utguard Keep, we can get a really nice eiled Amulet of Life and a Slayer of the Lifeless which typically drop in next 10. 

The final boss in each Titan Rune dungeon also drops 1 x213 piece of loot or a BoE as well as tier set pieces. Each boss has a specific possible table, so you can go after individual upgrades, and make sure to stay tuned as I'm working on a full loot table document. You'll also get Emblems of Valor from every boss you kill. 

3. Dungeon Daily Quests

If that's not enough for you, the daily dungeon quest offers 2x Emblems of Valor instead of just heroism. Plus, the daily heroic gives out 2 Emblems of Conquest even better. If you kill the final boss of the daily heroic and Titan Rune mode, you'll get a bag with 3 additional Conquest Emblems in it. Check out the Emblem of the Conquest video for the best gear you can buy and info on how to get the most emblems for a week.

4. Buy Vendor Gear with Emblems

What's so awesome about getting all these easy emblems every day is that you can turn them into quality loot from the vendor. There are Bis tier 8.5 chest and helmets available for 58 Emblems of Conquest each. And plus they're off-pieces like belts, gloves and necklaces all at 232 item level. And if you want big profit or to craft your own gear, you can buy Runed orbs for 18 Emblems of Conquest each. Don't think that your Emblems of Valor are going to waste, these can be turned into 213 pre-bis pieces to push your gear score up quickly. And if you want PvP gear instead, there are full deadly and hateful main sets available just for emblems. 

5. The Best Catch Up Gear Gold Can Buy

You can always buy pricey 200 item level pre-bis pieces like Titansteel armor and weapons. There's also the sweet but very expensive 225 item level rings from Harold Winston in Dalaran. You can even wear the upgraded version alongside the old version. 

But if you're broke, there are plenty of deals out there to save you time WotLK lvl 80 gearing. For Holy Paladin, just pick up a 175 item level Saronite Spellblade for 70 WotLK gold, then you can get a Darkmoon Card illusion for just 90 gold. You are then able to deck out a Paladin within 2 hours of hitting level 80, and that means you can just play the game instead of dancing on mailboxes for raid invites.

6. Argent Tournament Dailies

If you don't want to spend any gold, another great gear catch up mechanic is the Argent Tournament, and sure you can buy exclusive epic mounts and cute pets but you could also get 200 item level weapons like the Blunderbuss of Khaz Modan or the Spinal Destroyer just by obtaining Champion’s Seals.

Extra Guide

- Deadly gear (213 ilvl) will have no more rating requirement starting Jan 9. It will also be half off arena point cost - it is recommended doing 10 games this week if you still have time so you can buy a piece.

- Furious gear will have requirements (assumedly similar to Deadly gear requirements, but not public info yet) so there should be some purchasable offpieces without rating requirements just like deadly. Plan to buy some Furious pieces with honor. Specific info will be coming within 2-3 days.

- WG gear will be 213 ilvl with no requirements, farm 80+ WG marks if you want the new trinket (offensive stats combined with PvP trinket effect) or chest or belt.

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