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Diablo 2 Resurrected Nights of Terror Event - Nights of Terror Bonuses Can't Missing

12/21/2022 3:37:18 PM

You've probably heard of these 22 Nights of terror for Diablo 2 resurrected at this point, some of them have been a few Duds, but a couple of them have been pretty exciting, such as the infinite gold glitch and the infinite gamble that one was pretty wild, but even though it was kind of crazy op whatever you want to call it, even though it's just one day, it's not like game breaking, if they're just one-day changes, they can be kind of fun.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Nights of Terror Event - Nights of Terror Bonuses Can't Missing 

Now there are several days left of these 22 Nights of terror, coming at you with five great ideas. 

1. Diablo 2 Resurrected Nights of Terror Bonuses - Magic find 

Actually going to steal one of their own ideas, not long back kind of towards the end of one of the seasons, they did a 50 magic find Boost. That was perfectly fine to help out some of the newer people that had lower magic find or people could pull off magic fine, in order to get more kill speed or more faster cast rate or more life more survivability things like that, they should do that again, but bump it up, even higher for one of these nights of Terror, it'd be perfectly fine to give everybody a 200 magic find the bonus.

The amount higher really doesn't matter, but large magic finds, Boost just for that one day. Now here in Diablo 2 veteran, you've probably seen this graph, it's actually the diminishing return on Magic find. 

Hypothetically they went crazy and threw out a 500 magic find bonus for everybody in the entire game for that one day, now if you had no magic find, it would bump you all the way up to where say the 500 magic find is right here.

Now that is a big magic fine boost because going from zero up, the first few hundred is an astronomical bump up for finding those incredibly rare unique Diablo 2 items, you also see that the rare and the magic items actually go up incredibly high as well, but you're a character that already has 400 magic find getting an extra 500 magic fine not really helping you all that much, especially as far as it goes for those incredibly rare unique items.

Now for that 24 hours, nobody would find any white items, no socketed regular base items, but that would be really fun, helping out people that maybe can't stack that much magic find or it could even increase the kill speed and the movement speed survivability for people, instead of stacking magic find on their characters, they can stack a bunch of skills and things. 

2. Diablo 2 Resurrected Nights of Terror Bonuses - 50-100% Monster Density Boost 

Next up would be a 50 monster density boost, 50 sounds like a good boost, maybe even a 100-density boost, even though it's just for one day. A mod for regular Diablo 2 where you could turn up the density, you could turn it up, even 800 a thousand percent extra density, so you could do crazy things like that on Old Diablo 2. 

Professional programmers for the game could probably figure it out in short order, the magic find can help you out finding more unique items, so getting some of the super valuable super rare uniques with runes, there is no percent extra Rune find,  what you need to do is kill monsters faster and with increased density whether it's in the cow level, you could be hitting ghosts in the Arcane Sanctuary heck, you could even just jump out into act 1 and slay down a ton of fallens because there's gonna be 50 more.

3. Diablo 2 Resurrected Nights of Terror Bonuses - Blank Level 80 Character 

Now next up this is pretty interesting, it could be really fun, especially online each person could select a character, and then they would be given a completely blank level 80 version of that.

Let's say you wanted to always try out a barbarian, but you always started sorceress and you never got around to it well, you could choose which one you wanted and you would instead get a level 80 Barbarian, you would get all the stat points and all the skill points for that character, but they would not be put into the character yet, so you'd have to figure out how to gear that character either from stuff, you found from your Sorceress in your shared stash or you could get out there. 

Just slap stuff around in Nightmare and normal or whatever and get a friend to give you a couple of good items whatever, but that would be very fun, just to save people a lot of time from having to play all the way through the game again to start out and try a new character and a new build.

This isn't a huge advantage anyways, all it is saving people time. Psychic Phil coming at you, the Diablo 2 players out there, you probably don't have a lot of time right.

So giving them a character at level 80 already done with the game, they can go ahead and try it out go farm different locations, try a different build that they've never done before that would be really fun, really cool, and really add a lot to the game and bring people actually back.

4. Diablo 2 Resurrected Nights of Terror Bonuses - Increasing the run-walk speed

This next one almost eliminates the need for having an enigma on your character and that would be increasing the run-walk speed for every character. If you'd bump it up 50, if you would double it, that would be absolutely hilarious. 

First of all, to see everyone running around crazy fast, then if you run super fast, you might not need to use an enigma, especially depending on where you're going.

Now there might still need to be a cap, could you imagine having 200 percent faster run walk, and then you have frenzy, and you have 40 faster run walk Dialo 2 boots, a bunch of three percent faster run walk charms, there could definitely need to be a Max, so things don't get out of hand and the game doesn't just crash, but it'd be really cool, especially for the melee characters that way, you could get a little bump up and really catch up to the characters that do have Enigma, you could move around a lot faster because the teleport speed of the Enigma is going to be the exact same, but you'll be running a lot faster. 

5. Diablo 2 Resurrected Nights of Terror Bonuses - an Oculus & an Ariat's face

Now final one, maybe they still got to get their Shaco, maybe they're still looking for an Oculus an Ariat's face the Jalals things, like that every time you go down to a boss for 24 hours.

There should be three of that boss down there, now it would make that boss fights harder, obviously having three Mephisto shooting lightning at you or having three end dials. Constantly spraying you with their poison, but if you have a pretty good character, and you plan for it that way you could actually get Triple the drops each run, now it does sound kind of crazy, but just remember running act bosses is really only done at the beginning of the ladder, and then after a certain point you start running places with more Monster density to get high Diablo 2 resurrected runes you start running 85 areas or now the terror zones, in order to get the incredibly rare unique Diablo 2 resurrected items and Diablo 2 runewords(gear), this boost would just be kind of funny to see just three and dials spawning up all at the same time down there at the bottom of the Catacombs, but then you would have better chances of getting those kinds of the lower level, but really good uniques that really boost up your character when you eventually do find them.

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