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FUT 23 Best Formations - FIFA 23 41212(2) Post Patch Custom Tactics & Instructions

11/23/2022 5:36:51 PM

The update of the second variant of FIFA 23 41212, you know that after the patch things have changed and a lot of things have been nerfed, through which will show you how to improve your game.

FIFA 23 Best Formations - FIFA 23 41212(2) Post Patch Custom Tactics & Instructions 

You can go straight to the game and you should be taken to the ultimate team. If you think that's too slow, go with the fastball, for most people they prefer balance. In the final third, keep and retain the run forward with a width of 60 and players with an open box of 7. Then going to look at the instructions, this is a bit important, not going to defend with a 442, 1 20-second change Keep the central position with both forwards going forward and behind.

Best FIFA 23 custom tactics for 4-1-2-1-2(2)

Defensive tactics

Defensive Style: Balanced

Width: 50

Depth: 50

Offensive tactics

Build-Up Play: Balanced

Chance Creation: Forward Runs

Width: 60

Players In Box: 7

Corners and Free Kicks: 1

Player instructions

ST: Stay Central, Stay Forward for both the Strikers and get in behind.

Attacking MID.: Stay Forward, Get into the Box for Cross, Stick to Position, Drift Wide, Free roam, 

Central MID.: Balanced Attack, Full Back, Cover Wing, Balanced Attack, 

Attacking MID.: Stay On Edge of Box for Cross, Balanced Crossing Runs, Balanced Attack, Get Forward, Stay Back While Attacking, 

CDM: Cut passing Lanes, Cover Center, Conservative Interceptions, Aggressive Interceptions, Stick to Position, Deep Lying Playmaker, Stick to position.

Centre back: Balanced Attack, Stay Back, Cover center, Cover wing, Join the Attack.

Full Back: Drop Between Defenders, Balanced Attack, Stay Back While Attacking, Get Forward. 

In the cam position, keep them forward and get into the box to pass, you want this player to stay in the middle, that's why you can do that one-two from your striker back to your cam, it's very very important. There are two things, it depends if you push your left back forward, if you push your left back and your right back forward, just go with a five two one two formation, it's better than that, it's more aggressive, they're more involved.

If you think it's too aggressive, put one of the LBs on a sterile attack so you have a play and a move to get the ball back, and you have a CDM holder, each of whom cuts into the passing lanes to cover the midsection on offence.

The defensive line is balanced, basically balanced, now put them all on the drop back, the way this formation is recommended, you can put a right-centre on the balance if you need to. You can put them both on balance, but put them in coverage positions, preferably with high workouts at both positions, and then you can also put a left guard and a right guard on balance. The best advice is to put both of these guys in the balance position, you can put them in the center of coverage and if you want to get these guys forward, you can always use the L1 or LB button and manually trigger these players yourself. 

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