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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - Beginner's Guide: The 5 Most Important Survival Tips In PUBG

1/16/2018 3:48:16 PM

The steam phenomenon PUBG is a big challenge especially for beginners. How to improve your chances of survival drastically, you will learn in our guide.


In a solo round of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds one jumps with 99 other players by parachute over a deserted island. On the basis of the facts, weapons and equipment must be collected in order to be able to compete with the others. Over the course of the game, the game area shrinks until the last survivors come together in a small circle. Who lives at the end wins the game. That's Battle Royale.

Players of Arma-likes in PUBG already have an advantage over completely ignorant ones. Because unlike Call of Duty, Battlefield and the likes, in military simulations like Arma 3 battles are often conducted over longer distances. So also in PUBG: Although there will be fierce house battles on the agenda there - without a good eye for the long distance you get in the escape from the shrinking circle but not far.

We've gathered valuable tips to help you get started in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. If you like our guide and need advanced tips and tricks, we recommend the beginner guide series from our partner site Survivethis.


5 Tips For Chicken Dinner In PUBG

For what, please? You have read correctly, our tips should help you to get the coveted chicken dinner. This is nothing less than the winner screen of a round PUBG. There is "Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!", And reading this saying on the monitor triggers cheers from millions of players worldwide. Because the way there is rocky and hard. But let's start at the beginning.


Choose a destination

If you head headlong out of the cargo plane, you lay the foundation stone to end just like that. Open the map with button M as soon as the roaring aircraft turbines sound and select the place you want to head to first. Here, the balance between high booty chance and relative isolation from the flight route is particularly important.

So you make sure to have as few competitors as possible for the coveted loot. On the map below are the places marked with the most valuable loot. For further information about the locations we recommend you this further article.


At the marked points on the map, players expect a lot of loot.


Steering in the air

As soon as you are near the preferred location, you leave the aircraft with the F key and use the arrow keys to steer the character in the appropriate direction. If you have managed to glide directly over the destination, you point your nose pointed down to achieve the greatest possible fall speed. As a result, the automatic parachute opening sinks a little lower and is correspondingly faster on the ground.


Look for a suitable landing spot in the air - and pay attention to the other players in the air!


Loot, loot, loot

Now the foray begins! As soon as your boots have touched the dust of Erangel, you should sprint to the next building and collect everything you can find. In the first seconds, especially when competing opponents are nearby, the right of the faster counts. Those who can arm themselves faster often have the decisive advantage.

Accordingly, you should pick up any usable weapon including ammunition and then load them. Because nothing is more frustrating than hearing the mechanical click of an empty chamber in the face of your opponent.

Protective vests, helmets and backpacks come in three stages. For head and body armor, the level indicates the damage resistance, the backpack on the capacity. Vests and helmets are therefore of great importance to compensate for inserted hits. A big backpack, on the other hand, ensures that you can transport the found booty items.

As soon as you have a moment to catch your breath, take another look at the map. Where does the first circle close and how far is the edge of the safe zone from the current position? Based on the distance to be covered, you should estimate how long it takes for you to reach the circle. Remember that the zone closes faster than players can run. With a mobile pedestal, of course, the last note is omitted.


Weapons and armor determine your chances of survival. Once you land on the ground, you should search homes thereafter.


Right perception

Your own keen senses are vital to survival on the murderous island of Erangel. So learn to interpret sound sources correctly. How far away an opponent is, whether he opens or closes a door and from which direction he comes - all this will help you make the right tactical decision.

Attention! Some players take off their shoes to be on softer soles. So pay attention to hectic romping. Imitation is strongly recommended at this point.


You can not take equipment from one match to the next, making it all the more important to make the right inventory selection every time.

Visual perception is also critical to success in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Especially as a beginner in quiet moments observe the environment. A moving player should immediately catch your eye. It gets heavier because of standing opponents - they are often well hidden behind bushes or tall grasses.


The right tactical decision

Remember, before any action, that PUBG is not a classic deathmatch. Battle Royale requires you to stay alive for as long as possible in an increasingly limited space. The number of kills achieved does not matter.

So shooting at an opponent always carries the risk of revealing one's own position. Therefore, you should weigh well whether a fight is worthwhile or if you can avoid it.

If you do not want to run away from the death zone, you can also drive. Goes faster, but certainly attracts more attention. Who does not want to run away from the death zone, can also drive. Goes faster, but certainly attracts more attention.

If the fight then becomes inevitable, keep calm blood! Deliberate, tactically thought-out decisions lead to victory. Always watch out for enough coverage in battle, but keep moving. First, a moving target is far harder to hit, and secondly, with frequent changes of position, it works against your opponent's flanking.

Be brave! To hide in a bathroom is in the Battlegrounds language a begging for stolen hand grenades. Go to your opponent - many conflicts can be better solved in close combat. For this machine guns and shotguns are recommended, or even an assault rifle in automatic mode. Press button B to switch between fire modes.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice for newbies in PUBG: do not be discouraged! The Battle Royale game mode requires some training and can be frustrating especially at the beginning. But once you have overcome this phase and have tasted the Chicken Dinner once or twice, you will certainly be able to better understand the hype surrounding this game.


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