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Rocket League 2018: Improvements in server performance, XP and cross-play

12/26/2017 3:07:11 PM

Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League look back in a forum post on the year. But they also give a glimpse into the future and reveal that improvements in server performance, the experience point system and cross-play are pending.



Like many other development studio developers, the creators of Psyonix, creators of Rocket League, look back on the year and give an outlook on the coming one. The past year 2017 should have been according to Psyonix the best calendar year for Rocket League. The reasons for this are the release on the Nintendo Switch and Epports tournaments of the Rocket League Championship Series.


The numbers of players were also stated: Over 38 million players are said to have already played the car football game. Overall, more than two billion matches have been played since 2015. And a large number of players will be added in the future, because in China is currently a closed beta phase.


As an outlook for the coming year, improvements in server performance are promised. In the future, the client will display more detailed information about the connection, such as packet loss or latency variance. This helps to identify problems faster. There is still room for improvement in the matchmaking system and the server locations.


The Esports events are also to be expanded in the coming year. In addition, the in-game tournaments are to be improved. There will be a separate beta test in early 2018. The Fotschrittssystem should also be improved and the experience points should be used to unlock banners or titles. Last but not least, party support for cross-platform play continues. In the autumn of 2017, there was a first trial and this is considered by Psyonix as a success. Want to buy the latest Rocket League Items, Crates, Keys at the cheapest price? Welcome to AOEAH.COM.

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