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FIFA 23 Beginners Guide - How To Start FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

9/20/2022 11:25:37 AM

Today to discuss some very important  FIFA 23 dates when it comes to FIFA 23, how to start in the best FIFA 23 Ultimate Team? How to start promisingly? 

FIFA 23 Beginners Guide - How To Start FIFA 23 Ultimate Team? 

1. FIFA 23 Ultimate Team - FIFA 23 web app release date expected

Getting to the point, now start with a little calendar of some dates you can expect. This was done by a mentor and a few key dates are September 21 and 27, and now the 21st will be the FIFA 23 web app release. If you have confirmed this, FIFA 23 web app 4523 will be released on September 21, and now usually EA releases between 6 pm and 7 pm.

Now you don't need to own the game to access the FIFA 23 web app, you can get in the game the game isn't out yet, no one technically owns the game, you don't need to pre-order, and anyone can play their web app before the game comes out, but eventually it will lock in users who haven't purchased the game, which usually happens in a few months.

2. FIFA 23 Ultimate Team - FIFA 23 Points Purchase

Right now you can't buy those FIFA 23 points yet, always expected EA to change that but they never did, maybe they will make FIFA points purchases possible. Usually, all you can do is start your club, pick your starting team and stuff like that, then open your welcome pack and that's pretty much it.

All the networking is done initially before the game comes out. Why would they release it a week before, it's so that people can get hold of and enjoy starting their soccer club journey before the game comes out, which is pretty much all you can do on the web app before the game comes out.

If they release the option to buy Thief points, if you're a repeat customer, you'll get what's called a low OT reward loyalty pack, you'll get kits and packs for playing the game in previous years depending on how long you've been playing the game.

3. FIFA 23 Ultimate Team - FIFA 23 Welcome Pack

Long-time users get more than short-time users, you can't buy things like web apps, FIFA points or anything like that before someone else, maybe you can who knows, but you do get yourself some FIFA 23 welcome packs. If you are lucky enough to bag something big, wait, you might get like a few coins here and there, and some players, but most of the time, if not a million when the players are more expensive when the full game comes out.

The best thing you can do is stockpile games in your club, and if you are lucky enough to get yourself, some coin bonuses like 5K coins for unlocking or something else, maybe go bid on some gold non-red. From beginner advanced sbcs, maybe go bid on some gold if you do manage to get yourself some coins such as coins unlocked.

4. FIFA 23 Ultimate Team - The Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23

Now, if you have pre-ordered FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition, you will get the game again on September 27th, which will be the date at midnight, so it will be straightforward as it is at midnight on the 27th, and the game will become playable for Xbox users. If you have downloaded the beta, that is a completely different file and you have to re-download the whole game, it is not just unlocked from the beta, but a full one. 

Usually, there is a 10-hour trial version of the game before early access, and this year there is none. Now on September 27th, you will get 4600 FIFA points on your account, this is the first time you will load the full game and it is also the time when you can transfer your thieves points because the transfer of FIFA points will be one thing, this will happen on September 27th, once you load the game you will see a prompt asking you if you want to transfer your thieves points, make sure you click "yes".

How to use those 4600 FIFA points, if you spend them all on Pax, only premium gold packs are available at the beginning of this year, so you get 30 premium gold packs, and 100 views. Now technically if you do the premium gold preview pack you can make it 31 and at the end if it's a bad one you can leave it and open a normal 7 5K pack as your last pack and you can avoid the bad pack and maybe give yourself a chance but technically it's 31 packs. Now, consider the worst-case scenario when you open the pack at the beginning of the year.

You will get some consumables that you can sell and add an extra 10 or 15k coins at the end of it. If you have a worst-case pack, look at the worst-case scenario, you can earn back about 80,000 coins from your 4,600 FIFA points, which is the worst-case scenario.

Now there is one more possibility with Thief Points, and that is footballs, you can get 15 footballs, and you can get 30 premium gold packs for the same price, if you are good enough to play all four rounds, which takes a little time to play 15 footballs, let's say it takes an hour for each football, that's 15 hours of play, which is much more cost-effective than opening 30 premium gold packs, if You want to maximize your return on coins, if you are a good player then footy is the way forward, if you are not a good player then there is no point in doing footy.

5. FIFA 23 Ultimate Team - FIFA 23 Launch Goal

Another thing is that there are many starter goals in milestones, they take some time but you can easily get 100,000 packs in the first few days of the game.

Now while you're doing that, you can also do it in squad battles, because squad battles are a great way to get some starter packs. Playing squad battles is dissatisfied, it's not fun, but you can play score battles, get your 500 goals, get your 100 fine shots or 50 finishing shots. Whatever it is, it's easy to get your 100k packs of 500k packs and also get some squad battle rewards on Sunday mornings and possibly some more coins in the club, it's a win-win. 

Despite spending very few points at the beginning of the year, it does have an RTG at the beginning of the year and it's always fun to grind out those packs. It has better rewards now. The game goes live on Tuesday, September 27th and you have two days before the first "challenges" and with so much to do, you have to prioritize what you want.

At the beginning of the year, it always takes a trading approach, but when running RTG, the gold you get from your opponents in RTG is a great play, and getting 30,000-40,000 gold guaranteed helps build the team, especially at the beginning when you're looking for 10-15,000 gold to upgrade to your right back or center back or CDM or something else, which It's a good way to go. 

Fullback or CDM or whatever, getting those extra coins helps, especially if you don't trade like I do, getting that extra 30, 40K a week is great, and starting Rivers now will be very, very competitive.

If you're not the best beef player, or you're running an RTG, you're not going to have a great team, or you don't have a great team, if you can hold your own, if you have a decent team, then play as much as you can in the next few days because Dev's driver rewards are going to be great, and on Thursday the 30th, there's going to be the standard version and want to see. When you get the full standard edition on October 1, you should get the guaranteed package of what you want to see.

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