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FIFA 23 Penalty Tutorial - How To Do Shoot Penalties In FIFA 23 Based On New Penalty Kick System

9/14/2022 4:13:56 PM

How does the FIFA 23 new penalty kick system work? What is the best way to shoot a FIFA 23 penalty thanks da in the creator network? 

To show you FIFA 23 quite early but please keep in mind that this is a product and development and gameplay as well as tuning may differ in the final version when it comes to penalties in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Penalty Tutorial -  How To Do Shoot Penalties In FIFA 23 Based On New Penalty Kick System

FIFA 23 Composure Ring

The biggest change is the circle around the ball which goes from big to small in a certain frequency, this is the FIFA 23 composuring and for a better FIFA 23 penalty kick, you try to time your shot when the ring is as small as possible which results in a FIFA 23 penalty kick with greater accuracy and power.

FIFA 23 High vs low composure

The frequency of how the ring closes down can vary and is dependent on the player's FIFA 23 composure attribute when you have a player with high FIFA 23 composure.

The composuring moves slower which makes it easier for you to hit the right timing, if the FIFA 23 composure is rather low the ring moves much faster which makes it harder to hit good timing.

FIFA 23 Aiming the penalty 

The aiming of the FIFA 23  penalty kick has also changed a bit in FIFA 22, there was a visible reticle that you could move around, but would also reset to the centre as soon as you let go of the left stick one important note, you are also able to move this reticle beyond the net in FIFA 23,  there's also reticle, but it's hidden doesn't reset his position automatically, so it will stay at the same position when you let go of the left stick, and you can only aim within the net, this means you can aim the left stick fully into a corner and don't have to worry to aim beyond the goal with the reticle with the press of the shooting button.  

FIFA 23 Powering up

You not only time your FIFA 23 penalty kick for the composuring, but you also power up the FIFA 23 penalty kick a high powered kick will increase the spread or variance, but on the other side, it's harder to save for the goalkeeper be careful, as you can also overpower your shot which has a high chance of missing the goal, these were the biggest changes,  but to clear up some questions about special things that might have changed or stayed the same with this new system before coming to that make you aware of one of the best and most efficient ways to improve your skill in FIFA getting your professional coach for your individual training, this can be a big help to have the best possible start to FIFA 23.

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FIFA 23 Finesse

So coming back to FIFA 23 penalties, to talk about some more details you can still finesse or lob your FIFA 23 penalties for a finesse shot,  you have to press and hold the r1 RB button while powering up, this is a shot with a little bit higher accuracy but at the cost of power to do a ship.

FIFA 23 Chip / Lob

You have to use the l1 lb button and such a locked shot can also be aimed into a corner a feature that maybe not. 

FIFA 23 Head movement

everybody was aware of is still in the game as long as the FIFA 23 penalty taker is waiting to shoot the penalty the player's head movement gives away where you're aiming at as soon as you start to power up the FIFA 23 penalty kick the head resets to the center position and doesn't give away the desired direction anymore since you can still change the aiming during the run-up you have to be aware that the penalty taker still can change this corner as well so don't fully rely on this tail.

FIFA 23 Timed finishing

The last remark is about time finishing while you could use that in FIFA 22 to increase the accuracy and power of your FIFA 23 penalty kicks it's not possible anymore in FIFA 23 so there's no need to press the shooting button for a second time to go for a timed finish. 

FIFA 23 Step-by-step guide

Now come to step-by-step instructions on how to FIFA 23 shoot penalties.

First, fully focus on the composuring and its frequency, you can already aim in a corner and try to irritate your opponent with the head movement, but this is a nuance and more psychological here, to focus on the technique itself, in these examples, start aiming after powering up and try to hit the best timing when you start powering up the shot. 

If you mistime it, just a little bit the ring will be at maximum size, then advise to go for at least half the power bar potentially, even higher in the first FIFA 23 penalties. The tendency to not power up enough, the result is a rather weak shot when you have a decent penalty taker in your team, don't be shy and go for a high-powered shot as soon as, you have pressed the shooting button, you can start to aim in a corner with a left stick since you cannot aim beyond the goal anymore, you can fully aim in one direction.

The goal is just to make sure that you aim decisively in the corner that you want to shoot in that's all it takes to hit the right timing make sure to power up enough and aim decisively in a corner from a personal standpoint, this new FIFA 23 penalty system is very challenging at the end it mainly comes down to timing with a FIFA 23 composure ring and getting into the head of your opponent what do you guys think about this new FIFA 23 penalty system.

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