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New World Halloween Event Guide - Locations, Quests, Patterns, Rewards & Tips In NW Nightveil Hallows

9/16/2022 11:35:06 AM

In this New World patch, a brand new boss coming with the Halloween event: Nightveil Hollows. As the moon turns, so do the seasons on Aeternum. With the parting of joyous summer days, cool nights begin to creep in with an eerie air about them. In this New World Halloween Nightveil Hallows guide, we break down NPC, quests, patterns, rewards, and tips.


New World Nightveil Hallows Event - NPC Locations, Quests, Patterns, Rewards & Tips In New World Halloween Update

During the Halloween update New World, every town appears to be converted into a new Halloween kind of like decoration and the Christmas tree statue was normally in the middle that has now been replaced with a giant bubbling cauldron. Surely, you hear the blood-curdling shriek in the dark! A monster stalks Aeternum, feeding like a ravenous jackal on the fear it creates! The demon Baalphazu, Marquis of Terror, and his horde of ghoulish Pumpkinites are spreading a living nightmare across Aeterum. What do you know about this upcoming New World Nightveil Hallows event?


New World Halloween Event NPC Locations

The first thing to do with this with the New World seasonal Halloween event is to talk to Salvatore. He appears to be in every town. He's in Windsward and Everfall at least. Anyway, you talk to him and he does actually explain what this whole event is. He will offer you 7 selections as below

1. Aeternum has a few monsters

2. Open Nightveil Shop

3. What is Nightveil Hallow

4. Tell me more of this pumpkinite curse

5. Who exactly is Baalphazu?


New World Halloween Event Quests

The one thing you should do is take the “Aeternum has a few monsters ”quest.

Salvatore: “Not like Baalphazu, the Marquise of Terror! This blasphemous creature has unleashed a dreadful curse. It must stop before it turns the island into a living nightmare.”

You: “What kind of curse?”

Salvatore: “The Maledicta Figurarum, the Curse of Shapes! The foul sorcery transforms ordinary pumpkins into creatures known as pumpkinites. They are Baalphaszu’s hellish minions!”

You: “How do I stop this demon?”

Salvatore: “Shh, the secret likes in the demon’s ichor itself. Baalphazu’s physical form must be destroyed and its putrid essence collected and hurled into the Nightveil Cauldron. Go forth and face this horror!”

You: “How do I stop this demon?”

It'll give you rewards including a bunch of XP, New World gold, azoth, and reputations. Remember event XP is very important.


New World Halloween Event Patterns

There is a store that goes along with the Halloween events in New World. The first thing you'll see is patterns. There are only two levels and the reputation required to get to the next level is basically 5 million. It's exactly what you get from the quest. So that's how you go from fledgling to the ninevale sentinel unless that changes in life. The first one is these patterns and then the second one is also these patterns and a few cosmetic items. What's really important is the fact that these patterns are actually all weapons, there's no armor here. They are like timeless shards except obviously you only get one stat.


New World Halloween Event Rewards

It is a very cool world boss that comes as part of a New World Halloween event update and the rewards are also pretty interesting. You're going to be able to guarantee some gear score 600 items if you're like a crafter as well. You can get a 600 gears goal greatsword almost right off the bat and then the reward is basically the legendary icker. Then you go back to the Cauldron in tone and effectively convert it with the Cauldron. Then you get a cachet. Furthermore, in that cache, you get tokens, you get gold, and patterns. So the rewards are pretty useful.


New World Halloween Event Baalphaszu Tips

To participate in the New World Nightveil Hollows Halloween event, the first thing you want to do is open up your map and you'll see this sort of like stagger-looking icon. This is basically where there is a world boss spawn. Now you're going to want to take a lot of friends, maybe 10 to 40 people for this. Because you need a lot of people, it's not something you're just going to catwalk. So you see the little icon on the map and that's where you need to go. Once you get there you see the mobs in a circle where you don't see the big bad boss themselves. 

Once you engage in the fight, the Baalphaszu will spawn. The world boss is this big and you need to ruin his mechanics. Don't just attack the Baalphaszu because he has the barrier underneath him that you need to get rid of. He has 10 million hp, you're never going to kill him. Basically, what you need to do is these little mobs called pumpkinites, you need to kill goals and then they have like heads that you throw at the monster and that takes down the defenses. There are more mechanics involved in the fight.




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