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New World Brimstone Sands Update Guide: Release Date, Storylines, Greatswords, Skills & More

9/1/2022 3:19:28 PM

Devs finally posted the August dev blog and in this New World Brimstone Sands update, we got a lot of great news about what's to come, when it's coming as well as some changes many of us have been anticipating for a long time. So let's go over the big stuff contained in this New World Brimstands September update guide.


New World Brimstone Sands Update Guide: Release Date, Storylines, Greatswords, Skills & More  

New World will never be the same. The New Brimstone Sands update in New World looks amazing. Everything from the mobs to the scenery is just off the charts beautiful. They say that this new area will be massive with 3 new zones to explore and 9 completely unique enemy types. Next, we are going to check the New World Brimstone Sands start date, storylines, greatsword, skills, and more.


New World Brimstone Sands Release Date

The first huge announcement is the New World Brimstone Sands which will be released around October. But as we know this is a large update and many things can potentially go wrong between now and then. So let's just say plan for October.


New World Brimstone Sands Story Lines

What's the story here? They didn't give us much. But from what they did share it's like this. Long long ago, Egyptians came to the island and somehow for some reason create a symbiotic relationship with the island's ancients. Then after existing like this for millennia a war broke out between them. The outcome or the consequences of this war is still not known to us, but then the roman legion lands in this area post-war or potentially mid-war. This wasn't made 100% clear in their description. And when they arrive they quickly encounter corruption which has crazy consequences. These two events have left the Brimstone Sands in chaos and disarray which leads to entering us the players into this new area. Another little hint they gave us was one of our current allies will be one of our greatest enemies in this new area which is interesting, that unfortunately was all they really wanted to share with us in this New World Brimstone Sands update. 


New World Brimstone Sands Greatswords

This weapon will be very unique in both playstyles and in potential combinations. As they said, it scales off decks and strength completely equally. So the potential combinations are awesome, bow greatsword, spear greatsword and it also offers very unique trees for a two-hand weapon. 


New World Brimstone Sands Skills

Onslaught tree: First is the onslaught tree which will be the two-hand offensive tree. The way they described this tree was that it will make you do a ton of damage. Sort of like a two-hand berserker. But at the cost of reduced health and increased incoming damage. 


Defiance tree: This is the defensive tree. While in this tree, you will do much less damage but in exchange be very tanky and be able to taunt all the standard tank things but with a two-hand weapon. This makes things super interesting and has potential for off tanks and such. 


New World Brimstone Sands Expeditions

They also briefly mentioned the first expedition being released in the Brimstone Sands New World which will be the iniad that will closer explore the relationship between the ancients and the Romans and how it affected the Egyptians. This one they promised will be huge making it longer with all new mechanics never used before. No re-skinned enemies and they say it will be like nothing we have experienced before in New World. 


New World Brimstone Sands Territory Revamp

Finally is the territory management and the rework they have planned. The plan here is to make some changes to how territories reward players, how they are taken, and what they offer to attract players to play there. First, they want to address the issue that has always existed in the game that has made places like Everfall and Windsword. They are going to be rebalancing and making changes to all of the territories to make them all equally as rewarding, although they did not mention it.


More To Expect From New World September Update

They briefly touched on a new player starting experience they plan to release along with the Brimstone Sands. They plan to completely revamp how you play where you play and how you level from 0 to 25. They didn't give us any details on this other than that. However, they did play a background b-roll which leads one to believe that this one looks like a new starting island a sort of introduces you to everyone's own where you play to 25 before being hurled into the main island. 

Our first glimpse will be as early as the first week of September. So the rollout plan looks something like the New World September ptr launch will include the new starting area for the new player experience, the great sword, and a bunch of other changes that they haven't listed that will be in the patch notes for the ptr. Then later the Brimstone Sands area will be introduced followed by the new expedition and so on.

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