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How To Level Fast From 1-70 In WotLK Pre-Patch - Top 10 Leveling Tips For WotLK Fresh Servers

9/8/2022 3:43:07 PM

With a new expansion, comes more levels. If you are playing on the Fresh WotLK Servers, you will have to start at level 1 and level all the way up to level 70 in the WotLK pre-patch. Today, we’ve got a few options for you to get you going in WotLK Classic, we share the top 10 leveling tips in the WotLK pre-patch specific to Fresh Wrath Servers. 

Top 10 Leveling Tips For WotLK Fresh Servers - How To Level Up Fast From 1-70 In WotLK Pre-Patch

#1 - Do Dungeons From 58-70

From level 58 to 70, do Dungeons in TBC Classic. This is first of all for reputation, you can get some really easy gear from reputation, some profession recipes are locked behind reputation, and there's a soft-attunement for heroic dungeon keys and so on. But mostly, this is so you can save as many quests as possible for level 70. On these Fresh Servers, Raw Gold will be incredibly valuable and difficult to obtain, and doing all the Outland quests at level 70 will give you a lot of WotLK Classic gold because the experience you would have gotten while leveling up will now give you gold instead, and you can easily rake in several thousand raw gold, close to 5k from doing all the Outland quests, plus there's daily quests as well. Dungeon Leveling can also be more efficient than questing, and even if it isn't quite as efficient, it's more than worth it to sacrifice that little bit of efficiency. So you can get some real easy raw gold once you're level 70. 

#2 - Find People to Play With

Seriously, leveling up and everything around, it is so much more fun when you have people to enjoy the journey with. Whether that is real life friends or online friends or a guild, leveling up is so much more fun when you have people around you to share the experience with. As we will be starting at level 1 with no dungeon finder or anything like that, there is a social necessity involved and if you're looking to do dungeons while leveling up, you need to have a group for that. For this particular reason, you can check the Classic WoW Subreddit and join different Discord Channels if you're looking for people to play with on these Fresh Wrath Servers.

#3 - Gathering Professions

While leveling up, you might want to think about which professions you have. These are Fresh Servers after all, there will be no materials circulating in the economy, and therefore materials will be in high demand. That being said, some professions can be difficult to skill up while leveling, or slow down your leveling process by quite a bit. For example, Herbalism and Mining requires you to go out of your way to look for Nodes in order to skill up, and chances are you will outlevel a zone before your Herbalism or Mining skill is high enough for the next zone. On the other hand, Skinning will always be at the same skill as your level, and skinning mobs for extra leather will provide you with extra raw gold while leveling up. If you decide to vendor the leather, it's worth vendoring the leathers at the beginning because a lot of people will have skinning. If you hold on to the leathers for a long time, they will eventually be worth auctioning, but you're much better off vendoring the leather and then spending your gold on investments with higher profit margins. 

Anyway, if you want to level up fast, you might want to consider having skinning and maybe only one other gathering profession like Herbalism or Mining, or even drop both of them if you really care about speedleveling. There's a lot of gold to be made by leveling up quickly, so there's a decision to be made between leveling fast vs skilling up professions.

#4 - Leveling Addons

This speeds up leveling significantly. Especially in Classic WoW where you're running between zones and there's a lot of walking involved, the questing zones are spread out across long distances of walking, and more than ever will having a good questing route save you several hours of playing time. It's easy to get lost in the World of Classic WoW, where to go next while questing, should you go to Dustwallow Marsh, Stranglethorn Vale, or maybe Desolace? And which zone is the most optimal one to go for after you've finished your current zone. With the right leveling addon, all of the thinking is done for you and all you have to do is following what the addon says in order to level up the most optimal way. You have simple questing addons like Questie which will tell you where to go in order to  complete your quests, but this one requires you to find out which zone to go to and when to go there by yourself so it requires some Classic WoW knowledge and thinking. 

On the other hand, addons such as RestedXP which also comes with a leveling guide, will individualize your leveling route based on your faction, race and class to give you the fastest and best leveling route possible, telling you exactly where to go and when to go there, and it even tells you where to put your hearthstone and when to use it to save the most time, and it will remind you of when to go and train your most important class abilities. It even keeps in mind things such as weapons, which are big upgrades while questing and will help you level up faster in WotLK prepatch, so if you're looking for a leveling addon for Wrath's Fresh Servers, go to RestedXP.

#5 - Keep First Aid

While leveling up, you will obtain a lot of Cloth, and if you're not a Tailor, you can use this cloth to skill up first aid, definitely skill up first aid. Many classes don't have a lot of self healing available, for example Warriors, Rogues and even Hunters will benefit greatly from having First Aid when  it comes to how fast you're actually able to level up, but WE recommend everyone at least try and keep First Aid up to speed as even if you do have some self healing available, that usually costs you mana which means more mana breaks which also means more downtime, while healing yourself with first aid will usually mean less downtime.

#6 - Skill Up Cooking

Another fastest WotLK prepatch leveling tip is to use the meat you obtain while questing to skill up cooking. This one is not really important for speed-leveling, but cooking is quite important later in the game and in Wrath of the Lich King, which is what these servers are progressing into when the pre-patch is over. There are daily quests related to cooking which can present you with a lot of gold over time as you get raw gold from those dailies, plus you get a cooking token which can be exchanged for valuable materials which can be sold for even more gold. Basically, skilling up cooking is a long-term play, and since you will obtain a lot of meat while leveling up, that is the best time to skill up cooking. Alternatively, create a character and send all the meat you obtain to that character for then to skill up cooking later. 

#7 - Create a character to Use For Bank Storage

You can create as many as you want and Blizzard intends to allow you to have up to 50 characters on one realm now, so you could potentially have lots of bank characters. This way, whenever you obtain something you want to keep, you can send it to one of those bank characters, so you can keep it for later, instead of taking it up unnecessary bag space, and buying new bags, bank tabs is expensive, and you want to save as much gold as possible.

#8 - What's Training 

This one will tell you which abilities you can train at what level, and this is quite important so you can narrow down on how many times you visit your Class Trainer. Instead of visiting your trainer every 2 levels, just check the What's Training Addon and visit your trainer when you've got a huge upgrade ready.

#9 - Do Dungeon Quests

The next best way to level on Fresh Servers WotLK is to do dungeon quests. These quests can provide you with a huge chunk of experience as well as really strong gear upgrades both in terms of armor & weapons. On top of that it provides you with dungeon loot from the dungeon itself, as well as a little break from questing and it puts some variety into your leveling experience. These Fresh Servers is a unique chance to experience dungeons the way they should be experienced without being boosted, so make sure you take advantage of that. For Dungeon Quests, there is an addon you can use which tells you about every quest available in   each dungeon, as well as how and where to obtain those dungeon quests, and that is Atlas Quest.

#10 - Remember Class Changes 

Whenever picking a class, remember that these Fresh Servers will have all of the Wrath Prepatch Changes available to them from the get-go, including class changes. So some classes that were difficult to level up in Classic WoW will be a lot less difficult to level up on these Fresh Servers. One example is that Paladins have gone from being one of the slowest classes to level up, to one of the fastest, just as an example. So keep that in mind when picking a class, especially if you pick your class based  on leveling speed or the leveling experience, since leveling up will be a significant part of your journey on these fresh servers.

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