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POE 3.19 Best Altas Passive Tree Strategy Guide in Lake of Kalandra League

9/3/2022 6:50:22 PM

In this Path of Exile 3.19 Altas Strategy Guide, we talk about the best atlas passive tree plans for mapping, boss & altar farming for Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra League!

PoE 3.19 Atlas Tree Changes in Lake of Kalandra League

The reintroduction of four mod arch nemesis enemies is that essences are going to be scary again at league start, the same will go for metamorph, so that's already two things out of the way that we are not going to engage. We will not be engaging with heist that's a strat a lot of people like we just don't really care about selling in the first few days, especially not contracts and blueprints, that being said if you don't mind that you can definitely add that on top.

Path of Exile 3.19 Best Atlas Passive Skill Tree Strategy Guide (Early League)

Our altas farming strategy for the 3.19 patch will be cut into three stages:

  • 50 points for Stage 1: Basically, you start off with shrines just going to make you stronger early, and strong boxes because they're basically three and they're nice pack size,

  • 86 points for Stage 2: Then you add expedition at harvest which is going to be your main POE currency makers, since you have so much chance to get them, you don't actually need the map device and you definitely don't need any scarabs, you can just use the stream of consciousness

  • 109 points for Stage 3: Then you set up your alters because you're now going to be in red maps and that basically just means eldritch gaze, rampant growth, the shadow of hunger, and wrath of the cosmos if your build can handle it, and at the end, the world is your oyster.

Stage 1 - Shrines & Strongboxes Early

We will start our altar farming follow this route to unlock the below nodes in stage 1 of 3.19 League:

  • Twice Tempted - We will not be focusing on strong boxes but on getting a strong box on every single map for free points

  • Supplication - We are going to be running a goal even if we cannot get a goal because they somehow redid uniques and it's going to be super rare for some reason, an extra shrine is still good because that's a lot of mobs 

  • Shaping the Skies - Then we get Shaping the Skie to get a little bit better map to sustain now

  • Scream of Consciousness - then we immediately go up to Scream of Consciousness which is just extremely good early as you can get it way earlier now. With like 15 points in or something, you're getting a ton of content. 

  • Shaping the Valleys & Shaping the Seas - We will be focusing on harvest and expedition later, but until then what we're going to do is we're going to progress our atlas upwards right now, so we're going to the Shaping the Valleys and Shaping the Seas for some better map sustain

  • Commissioned Officer - Then we also take the commissioned officer which will provide us with extra cure admissions and nice for map sustain

  • Secret Operations - Then go straight up and take secret operations along the way, we're not really investing into strongboxes at all, but you do the two pointers here then you have a chance to get maybe scarabs. 

  • Down to Power & Syncretism - Then go to shrines, take drawn to power and synchronism, and once again we also take that even if we don't get a goal just to make our character a little bit stronger other than just dropping loot, it's actually incredibly important that you don't die because the shrines just make you stronger overall.

  • After we have all of that, in the end, we're going to remove some of the content and this is completely up to you. You could theoretically block ritual if you do not want blight, or block metamorph if you think it's going to be too hard at the start with the new nemesis mods, or other things you don't want to go. 

Now we're at the end of stage one, have really good map sustain, have shrines that make us stronger, have a lot of random content with the stream of consciousness, and have it a little bit under control, so now we're going to get more legions, more sacred groves, more expeditions, more abysses, and more breeches, and we also set ourselves up really well for the next stage.

Stage 2 - Add Expedition & Harvest

Stage 2 is basically going to be us investing in both expedition and harvest. The reasoning behind this is expedition is basically a no-brainer, it's extremely strong at least starting but on top of that Tujen might actually be one of the ways you can now get divine orbs. With the divine orb changes, there's actually very little chance to get the vine orbs nowadays because you can't really farm divination cards all that well, so we think Tujen might actually be one of those things that can semi-easily get your divines. So we're to use this atlas strategy in stage 2:

  • Ancient Writings, Distinguished Demolitionists, Expedition Chane - Go into ancient writings and Distinguished Demolitionists, the path through down Expedition Chane since it gives us extra chance to encounter an expedition because at this point we're not going to be using scarabs.

  • Bumper Crop - We're also taking bumper crop which is still a really good node, we have a lot of small harvest chances here. Regarding heist, we think that is actually going to be extremely strong, even though it's going to be less craft overall, just being able to pinpoint what your leak starter needs whether that's coloring or crafting, or in the worst case, the scenario just selling the seeds to crafters which are going to need those early. So we think overall harvest is going to be really good money.

  • Bountiful Harvest - Next up we also take bountiful harvest, this is something a lot of people don't take, but since we are leveling right now, the extra XP and monsters are actually quite valuable, so it's definitely worth a point

  • Shaping the Mountains - After we got these two no-brainers what we're going to do is take Shaping the Mountains. Now we basically have shored up our map sustain at this point, and then once again you can block content.

  • Buried Knowledge & Heart of the Grove - The last thing we do up here is taking buried knowledge which is the expedition and then we take the heart of the grove which is harvest.

Now at the end of stage 2 what do we have well with 87 points in, we have now established expedition and harvest as really strong, part of our setup we have a ton of chances like an 18% chance to get that plus all the small nodes - basically every third map you're going to get an expedition and every third map you're going to get a harvest, and that's without paying for a scare up or paying for the map device.

Stage 3 - Set Up Your Altars

Now we have our main money makers, we will now get into higher tier maps, so alters are going to be at our disposal. So stage 3 is basically setting up our altars:

  • Rampant Growth - We immediately go to rampant growth and take all of the pack sizes right here

  • The Shadow of Hunger - We also go up a shadow of hunger to make the progression a little bit faster

  • Eldritch Gaze - We also take eldritch gaze which is also really strong

  • Wrath of the Cosmos - Once we feel strong enough, what we're going to do on top is Wrath of the Cosmos. This node will give you a ton of value, but we will say that if you don't feel comfortable with your build to do this, dying over and over is not going to do anything for you, then you need that XP to get more passive points to get stronger, so you can also delete this.

At the end of stage 3, we now have a little bit of strongbox value, a really good harvest/expedition setup, great map sustain,s and now we also have our alters up.

For the last stage, this is basically up to you and depends on what your build excels at. We don't really know how metamorphs work right now if they actually stack with arch-nemesis modifier, they might just be OP, so in that case, just take them right at this point, your character should be a little bit stronger!

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