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Madden 23 Budget Beasts - Best Budget Players in Madden 23 Ultimate Team

8/22/2022 4:19:07 PM

What budget players are the best for building your starter team in Madden 23? Today we are going to bring you a list of Madden 23 budget beasts in Ultimate Team, covering the best cheap cards in MUT 23 in both offense and defense. 

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Madden 23 Budget Beasts - Best Budget Players & Cheap Cards in MUT 23 

Below let’s go over 8 MUT 23 budget beasts, covering the best budget players in Madden 23 for the most important positions. All of the cards on the list are under 50K coins, and the majority of them are less than 20K. 

Caleb Farley - CB - 82 OVR

The first budget beast for MUT 23 is Caleb Farley, this is a cornerback who has an 87 speed, and he is only 82 overall, he is going to go down to under 20K MUT 23 coins, but 87 speed is super athletic. 81 Man coverage is also good, which is really important this year because  Blitzs is a lot better than the previous years. But it doesn't matter what his coverages are, he's so fast and he can keep up with anyone, he's also 6’2”, which is a great height to have for Madden 23. Caleb is probably the best cheap card on this list.

Isaiah Simmons - MLB - 82 OVR

Then we have Isaiah Simmons at number two, he is tall and he is so fast for being 82 overall, his price is around 14K coins now. Something about him is he just shoots the gaps really well, he's a pass coverage player, he has a pass coverage archetype, he shoots gaps on runs, and he's also 238 pounds, which makes him even better, this is a great cheap card for you to have if you're not going to spend much money and even if you're just looking for a backup linebacker. 

Jamal Adams - SS - 81 OVR

The next cheap beast we have is Jamal Adams, who is priced at about 10K coins now. Jamal Adams is not as good as he has been in previous years, this year he might be not that appealing, the 82 speed is average, but 85 hit power is going to not only knock down the stamina on some of the offensive cards, but also he's going to force more fumbles. Jamal Adams is a run support card, instead of using two strong safeties, you can use a middle linebacker and strong safety on those two middle linebacker positions, having one card that can stop the run is really well because the run is really good this year, so Jamal Adams is a good card you could pick up, put him at sub linebacker, he'll be subbed in at a middle linebacker position and in certain sets, he'll be very valuable for you. 

Chase Young - LE - 83 OVR

Moving on to the fourth one, Chase Young is around 30K coins now. This is not a fast player that’s only good at one thing, Chase Young is a very balanced player in terms of everything, he has 80 speed, 83 acceleration, 80 strength, 83 block shed, and 83 finesse move. So he is a fast defensive lineman that can set the edge, can stop the run and pass rush, and is also budget to start with in MUT 23. 

Marquise Brown - WR - 80 OVR

If you are looking for the best budget WR in Madden 23, Marquise Brown is a good option to go and you can get this card with about 16K. He has 85 speed, which is awesome, he's so fast if you just line him up outside, he's going to burn people down the field, so you're going to get a lot more touchdowns, a lot more open targets with marquis brown simply because he's fast, that's the most matters on this card, if he doesn't fit in on your team, he can still be a kicker. 

Dak Prescott - QB - 84 OVR

When it comes to the budget quarterback, Dak Prescott has kind of average stats, 77 speed, 82 short throw accuracy, 82 medium, and 83 deep, but nothing is really bad about this card. The throw power is pretty decent for an 84 overall, he is also 6’2”, which is another reason that makes the card recommended. You can buy Dak Prescott with about 22K Madden coins

Laremy Tunsil - LT - 82 OVR

Then take a look at the left tackle Laremy Tunsil who requires about 14K coins, he's 6'5, so he's taller, this is gonna help out with those taller and heavier defensive linemen that are gonna just push him out of the way. Attribute-wise, his stats are all up for an 82 overall that costs a little over 10K, the run block is a little below average, but he is still going to stop those defensive linemen from getting to the running back or your quarterback.  

Bud Dupree - LOLB - 84 OVR

The last budget beast for Madden 23 is Bud Dupree, a left outside linebacker who is the most expensive one on this list and costs about 48K coins. He is incredibly good at pass rushing and has a really good speed at 84, with an 86 acceleration. He also has 87 power moves and 88 hit power. If you have enough coins, Bud Dupree is absolutely a good card for your team. 

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