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Elden Ring Weapon Moveset Tier List - Top 10 Best Weapon with Unique Movesets

7/28/2022 4:19:50 PM

In this guide, we want to highlight the specific unique weapon movesets in Elden Ring and just put them in a top 10 format, the points we take into account are the variety of the moveset obviously, whether they can do stagger damage and posture damage as well and how good the power stancing moveset.

Elden Ring Best Weapon Movests Tier List

Top 10 - Serpent-Hunter (Spear)

Great spears are larger weapons that get a bunch of pokes and the moveset that they do get are very decently fast attacks, specifically with the Serpent-Hunter spear. Its heavy attack gets a bunch of horizontal swipes which is great because most of the other great spears just get a bunch of thrusting attacks which isn't really the best because you want to have a lot of variety. The serpent hunter gets really good jumping heavy attacks as well. In general with the power sensing moveset, Serpent-Hunter has really nice and quick attacks, a bunch of thrusting attacks that do piercing damage and repair it alongside the spirit talisman, and can do a bunch of counter damage as well.

Top 9 - Knight's Greatsword (Greatsword)

The Knight's Greatsword slash and banish knight greatsword slash, the inseparable sword, all those Elden Ring weapons get a very unique two-handed light aside combo. The greatsword moveset is still really good by itself but it just enhances it with the unique two-handed light attack combo, this is more of a PvP pick. It just flows nicely and makes really good for delayed attacks as well, and the jumping attack or the jumping heavy attack is a nice and true combo into the light attack as well.

Top 8 - Guardian's Swordspear (Halberd)

Guardian's Swordspear is a very unique halberd, it gets a completely different light aside combo and does do piercing damage as well on its running light attack which is really good. But as for the light attack combo itself, it's just a bunch of diagonal swipes. With its heavy attacks, it's just basic horizontal swipes which are still great because of its nice coverage. Unfortunately, there's nothing that you can do in terms of like getting a piercing attack right from the get-go. It's a little bit too slow for how much damage it will do but all in all, Guardian's Sword is named into our list of top 10 moveset. 

Top 7- ESTOC (Thrusting Sword)

With the thrusting swords themselves, they will just do a bunch of poking sacks that are really quick, obviously doing piercing damage and will do a lot of counter damage, so you can pair it alongside the spirit talisman. Specifically, with the ESTOC, the heavy attacks are horizontal swipes that are really nice and quick, so all the other thrusting swords don't really get these horizontal swipes. And we really prefer to just have horizontal swipes because it is adds to the variety of the moveset just having poking attacks makes it pretty hard for heat detection with a lot of different types of enemies like some with long lanky legs. With horizontal types that make it easily hits multiple enemies at once. And with the horizontal swipes as well being tied to the heavy attack, it will make it better for posture damage and stagger damage also. And then as for the power sensing moveset, it is really strong, so it is a bunch of successive attacks over and over again, so it makes really nice for status effect build-ups as well.

Top 6 -  Uchigaiana (Katana)

In terms of the moveset, all of Katanas do get exactly the same except for the serpent bone blade and the meteoric all blade which get unique heavy attacks. The reason we pick Uchigaiana katana as the best is because you can actually get a thrusting attack from a standstill position with its heavy attack since its light attack combo is very good. The power sensing combo is a little bit slow, but it does have the option of staggering larger enemies with its rolling slash crouching attack.

Top 5 - Shamshir/Scimitar (Curve Sword)

Curve Swords are all very quick weapons, while Shamshir/Scimitar are just even quicker, so for whatever reason, they just swing a lot faster with these light attacks, which makes for the quickest swing in the game. And being that, these are actually weapons that do decent damage as well. As for the heavy attacks, we do not really care for them but it doesn't matter because the power sensing moveset that the cursors do get just makes up for everything. The running power sensing attacks are pro, it's probably the best attack in the game. It is absolutely insane for how much damage that it can do and how good it can actually build up status effects as well.

Top 4 - Godslayer's Greatsword (Colossal Sword)

With colossal swords, we don't really care for the moveset because it's pretty slow except for the crouching attack - it just does way too much damage for how quick. But with the Godslayer's Greatsword, in particular, the light attack combo is completely different to where it's actually viable and has a bunch of diagonal horizontal swipes that come out relatively quickly and is very good for PvP in terms of like just delaying your attacks and baiting people in. The rest of the moveset is still pretty basic power sensing doesn't really care for it much, and regular heavy attack it's good, but definitely, the crouching attack and light attack combo make this almost broken in its moveset, especially in PvP.

Top 3 - Great Epee (Heavy Thrusting Sword)

With the heavy thrusting swords, they get a bunch of poking attacks that have decent range and relatively quick as well, but the running heavy attacks is where this weapon shines because it has covered so much range - it's so quickly, does an enormous amount of damage and will stagger, and do a lot of partial damage on top of all of that. It's absolutely insane and the power sensing moveset isn't anything to laugh at either it is actually still really quick and good for status effect build ups as well. There's no downsides to this weapon, once again it gets horizontal swipes whereas the rest of the heavy thrusting swords don't get that option.

Top 2 - Warhawk's Talon (Straight Sword)

As for the straight swords, the moveset is just a bunch of horizontal swipes which are just quick and nice, jumping heavy attack is a good basic. As for the rolling and crouching attack, it is a poke which is good to have a poke from a standstill position or it's not really a stancil position if you're crouching but you get the idea. But specifically with Warhawk's Talon, the heavy attack is a nice little double swipe, it's good for status effect build ups. And being that it's tied to your heavy attack button, going make for more posture and stagger damage also and it will actually come out faster than a normal heavy attack will, so the first hit will actually hit a little bit quicker. The jumping attacks are phenomenal and that's the initial l1 combos that the power stamping straight swords get are so great, that's the reason why we put it at number two.

Top 1 - Cross-Naginata (Spear)

For the best moveset in the game, Cross-Naginata has to get the top place, it is a spear that gets an absolutely insane moveset, so it's a light attack combo like a mixture of vertical swipes, horizontal swipes, pokes, and everything that you ever need. The power sensing combo that the spears get is absolutely insane, it does so much damage and has a lot of ranges. All being that it is a spear that will do pierce damage and once again pair it alongside the spear talisman to just take advantage of that counter damage. All in all, the spears have one of the best movesets out of the game.

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