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WotLK Classic Leveling Guide: Top 10 Leveling Tips For Classic Wrath of the Lich King

6/10/2022 5:38:20 PM

Today we are going to be giving you 10 leveling tips for Classic Wrath of Lich King. These tips will involve little methods to speed up your leveling, how you can prepare now so that when the expansion launches you can get ahead of everyone and some other various big time saves. So unfortunately, the riding crop and all mountain speed increasing items do not work when you are level 71. Make a truckload of gold and speed your way to max level with the rested xp gold assistant and leveling guides for Classic TBC & Wrath!

Top 10 Leveling Tips For Wrath of the Lich King Classic - Fastest Way To Level In WotLK

Leveling up is the first thing a new player will encounter, and if we want Classic WoW to thrive, we need to provide people with a smooth starter experience. Check this guide and learn WOTLK leveling 1-70, how to level up in WotLK Classic, and how to improve leveling in WotLK Classic!

1. Speed Enchant 

What you can do is to get the speed increasing boot enchants. Increase your movement speed by 8% you are gonna be spending a lot of time on your feet while leveling in Wrath of the Lich King and it may seem only like a small increase. But in the grand scheme of things over the course of 40 hours of play time, it will speed up your leveling. If you're a classified can benefit from the agility stat then you want to get cat swiftness, but if you don't you can also get ball speed.

2. Healing Pot Injectors 

Healing potions are going to be very useful in your leveling journey because it's going to prevent you from dying. When you are leveling, you should always be trying to pull as many mobs as you possibly can without dying when you complete a certain quest to kill certain mobs simultaneously and save time. And the healing potion is going to be detrimental in stopping you from making mistakes and dying which will massively slow down your leveling time. And it's just going to allow you to push harder when you are leveling in general. Obviously, the issue is that putting loads of healing potions in your bags takes up a lot of room but a healing potion injector what it does is it turns 20 health potions into one item and this item can stack 20 times rather than 5 times. So buying a few of these because they will be very useful.

3. DPS Consumes 

If you have the money, getting consumables that can persist through death. To be fair, you could get the cheaper ones but don't persist through death also if you don't want to if you trust that you're not gonna die that much. Things like flask of relentless assault and flask of pure death, they probably will drop in price in the pre-patch because people will need them a lot less. Another thing you could also do is get weapon oils and sharpening stones. You may as well get an adamantium, weapon, white stone or sharpening stone. Things like shield spikes are also going to be useful for people leveling with a shield. 

4. Get Good Gear 

Get as good gear as you humanly possibly can in that pre-patch. For fresh death knights or people who are boosting a character in the pre-patch, just try and do as many raids and heroic dungeons as you can. Majestize, terrorists, sullivan are good ones because they're easy to jump into because the better gear you have, the much faster your leveling is going to be. Also enchant it as well because enchant's obviously going to boost your character's power even more. You can't get into raids and you do have the gold, buying some decent pieces from the auction house, there's a lot of cheap epic boys that you can buy from the auction house for most classes and specs.

5. Solo Leveling

If you want to level with your friends or you want to level in dungeons, then go ahead and just go and do that. Solo leveling if you're trying to totally min max your leveling speed is going to be the better option. A simple fact is in Wrath of the Lich King, there's a lot of item drop quests and item quest loot is never shared apart from if it's to obtain one quest. So you're going to be spending a lot of time completing quests, waiting for all the quest items to drop for the two people in your party or free to the point where solar questing will just be faster. 

6. Prep 25 Quests 

Prepping 25 quests for the Wrath of the Lich King launch. What you want to prioritize is quests in a big hub with a fast path for you to turn them all in because the shorter it takes to get all those quests turned in and the faster you get to know friend, the better.

7. Unlock Tabards 

Make sure that you unlock your faction tab ads. You need to be friendly in order to unlock a faction's tab ad, if they just need to equip that tabard to go into heroic dungeons and get an very easy way of grinding up your reputation. So look up your pre-raid best in slot gear. What reputations do you need to found to exalted and then make sure you do actually unlock that faction's tabard, otherwise what you're going to be doing is getting to level 80 even having to do it later and just wasting time. So you may as well do it while you are leveling. Now the current tour quest will start at Amber Ledge in Borean Tundra and then take you to Caldara Wormrest accord quest will start at the big tower in the middle of Dragonblight, arjun crusade quest today can be completed at zoldrack and you can also go to the Argent Vanguard in icecrown, then that will later turn into the knights of the ebon blade if you keep following those quest lines in icecrown. When the quest line is taking you up to the flying ship to talk to a death knight dude, then you know you are on the right track that you don't actually get tab ads for you have to manually do quests and dailies to grind them up.

8. Get Engineering

Engineering is insanely powerful in Wrath Classic. Most people are going to go engineering, not just for leveling, but at end game anyway, so you may as well probably like the main that you're going to play in Wrath, get engineering on it right now like get it grinded up. When you're leveling, you can obviously drop repair bots, so you don't have to go back to a town to repair or to vendor loot, you can just carry on pumping, you've also got rocket boots which you can quickly equip to speed you up in underground areas. There are some big underground areas when you're leveling in Wrath of the Lich King. The cloak parachute that can normally save a lot of time, there is a number of situations where you're on very high cliffs while leveling in northrend. Particularly howling forward and it can be very irritating having to walk all the way around safely when you could just jump off with a parachute that is going to save you a lot of time. You can also get the frag belt at skill 318, you can obviously have materials ready to grind you to 380 so you can unlock this straight away. The cop-out belt basically just adds a cobalt grenade to your belt which you can use as many times as you want, it is a five second cast time but you can cast it while moving and what it will do is a decent amount of aoe damage and also stun enemies, so it can be very useful while leveling too.

9. Free Mount In K3

One of the issues with ice ground and storm peaks is you do actually need a flying mount to complete many of the quests there, but not everyone is going to be able to afford a flying mountain cold river flying at level 77. Luckily, you can actually just get a free mount. It's going to be 150 speed mount but still that's way better than nothing. All you have to do is go to K3 and there's a goblin dude right next to the flight master he will just give you the mount. 

10. Get a Leveling Guide

One of the best things to do to increase your leveling speed drastically is to get a leveling guide made by the best speed leveling gigabrains in the community. The guys over at rustic xp will be making a huge guide for Wrath of the Lich King in fact they're making it every single day. 

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