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Elden Ring Best Incantations For PvP & PvE - Top 7 Highest Damage Incantations & Huge Buffs

6/1/2022 9:26:32 AM

Incantations have received a major buff in the new Elden Ring update 1.04. In this guide, we bring you the 7 best Elden Ring incantations for PvE and PvP. There were already strong options in the previous patches while the new one has made them even more stronger, a lot of these that felt weaker before and are now a lot more viable. 


Elden Ring Best Incantations For PvP & PvE - Top 7 Highest Damage Incantations & Huge Buffs

What are the most popular and the most effective incantations in Elden Ring, whether that's in PvP, in PvE, or whether in both? Because there are quite a few universal incantations that could be considered the very best. We're going to take a look at these, break them down, and show you how to get them. These are the highest damage and huge buffs incantations Elden Ring, so enjoy!


1. Elden Ring Best Incantations

We would recommend everyone run if they're using pretty much any physical build. The first two best Elden Ring incantations are the buffers, the flame, grant me strength, and the golden vow.


Flame, Grant Me Strength & Golden Vow

Golden vow is an aoe buff for yourself and those around you, it will increase your attack and defense for a period of time for a reasonable 50 or rather 47 fp. Meanwhile flame, grant me strength is a more specific one. This raises your physical and fire affinity attack power, so great for any pyromancy really and then any physical damage. Certain weapons aren't going to be affected by this. Most weapons have that physical damage and it will increase that. Flame, grant me strength is going to give you more physical damage than a golden vow can give you. And flame, grant me strength is also going to give you some fire affinity if you have that. However golden vow is going to increase your defenses which is obviously a perk and is aoe so can affect allies in multiplayer.


Gameplay Tips

Going from 102 ar to 140, therefore they do in fact stack and that is a 40% increase that is significant and it should come as no shock as to why people are doing this before all of their jewels. Naturally, this applies in PvE as well so before entering a boss room, you could double buff up and go in there extra strong.


Locations & Routs

To get yourself flame, grant me strength, you're going to need to come to the early area of Calid on the west side, you go to Fort Gale and it is actually round the back out the outside there. So as we approach it from the front, you're going to turn to your left and go around the outside of the Fort until you come to the back. There's going to be these two turret guys and between them is a body that has the incantation on it.


On the other hand, golden vow is going to require you to come to Mount Gelmir here near the Volcano Manor and you need to come here to the Corpse Stench Shack. So approaching from the Altus Plateau the main road that leads you there. We can just walk down the main road to get to the shack, do note that you'll be invaded by an NPC here, and upon defeating them you'll also get a weapon but that's not too relevant. This is the body with the incantation on it just pick it up from this guy.


2. Elden Ring Best Incantations For PvE & PvP

Let's talk about Elden Ring incantations that are great for both PvE and PVP. Starting with the lightning strike.


Lightning Strike

For 28 faith and 21 fp you can spread out some lightning at reasonable range, great damage, and absolutely spam this out. Whether you're in PvE or PVP, this is quite a spammable ability. So on a target like a boss or a big enemy that can be ridiculous. The fact that it spreads out in the way that it does is great in a pack of enemies for cleaning them out at reasonable range as well. But when it comes to PVP, this spell is a two-step stage of it. It's the first proc which is the one right in front of you and then the lightning as it forks out at range in that cone that is two different hits, so they have to kind of be aware of that and dodge both. You can free aim it, so they end up running into it. The range is really good in a jewel or PVP in general and the damage is very respectable for something you can spam out and really harass people at the range.


Gameplay Tips

it's very effective very fun and just like any incantation, you just have to be careful when you're actually casting it. But when they step out into that range where you can get it off a few times, it's seriously dangerous.


Locations & Routs

In the middle of this Valley or Ravine, just west of the Castle Morne Rampart Grace you can run up here, and then you're going to be here where these sort of gravestones sticking out of the side of the ravine. You drop down and there's a beetle down below once you kill that that is what gives you the incantation.


Pest Threads

Pest threads is another Elden Ring best PvE and PVP incantations. This disgusting and irritating incantation may have been used against you by those really irritating enemies and the various caves and caled, requiring an incredibly low faith at 11 and only a 19 fp cost. This is a very effective spell, the homing in threads that hit many many times. The reason why so staggeringly good about this spell is how far away you can actually cast it from and how it just comes in and deals the damage. You can do it from some serious safety. It's the fact that they track as well. It is really spammable and really effective. In PVP, the range is just the entire dual area that you're playing in that pressure that it creates because you can spam it out and the tracking of it. People just trying to roll it and messing it up or as they try to roll it, you just go for a melee catching the two different frames and it really catches people.


Locations and Routs

You're going to need to come to the east side of Calid to Gowry’s Shack and inside of the Shack will be an NPC. He is tied to the Millicent storyline up at the church of plague and basically what you need to do is follow that storyline with Millicent, long enough for the gallery to start teaching you incantations and sorcery. But the core of it requires you to go to the Heart of Aeonia and defeat the boss there and then bring the Elden Ring item that it drops back to the gallery and then give that repaired item to Millerson. At that point, he should be far enough for you to actually start learning from him.


3. Elden Ring Best Ranged Incantations

Swarm of Flies

We're going to talk about one of the most popular and effective bleed incantations in Elden Ring. The swarm of flies is a tracking slow-moving that people often refer to as the blood bees. When it reaches its max range or its destination, it sort of does a mini-explosion and then around that circle where it's going. It will deal with stacking very quickly building blood status. This is very effective and high damage Elden Ring Incantations in both PvE or PvP because it's literally blood build up at the range. That is honestly quite rare in this game.


Gameplay Tips

You can spam these out and it's dealing damage while it's standing in it and then you have the bleed procs that are just going to continuously stack up. For a bleed ranged option it's pretty damn good. It requires only 11 faith and 16 arcane and his cheap for 14 fp. Consider the moog sacred spear where we've got the knee heel ash of war, basically, this in PvP is so funny because it's generating this pressure the fly it's chasing him around. Then you can just do this aoe bleed and they're like pick your poison to take the flies, get the proc or take the knee hill and probably die.


Locations and Routes

You're going to want to come here to the Mohgwyn Palace and from the first grace the Palace Approach Ledge-Road, we're going to run down and on our right is eventually going to be two caves. The first cave we're going to run right past, we are going to go in the second cave. On the body in the corner, past these guys who won't even fight you, on this body is the swarm of flies.


4. Elden Ring Best PvE Incantations

Black Blade

Black blade incantation is a PvP-focused one, you could use it in PvP. It is the strongest and best Elden Ring incantations PvE. Black blade requires 46 faith to use, it will take up two memory slots. The benefit of it is the fact that you are throwing destined death, meaning it will deal damage it will reduce the enemy's maximum hb particularly relevant in a boss fight where it's got a lot of health and then it does damage over time based on the percent of that health.


Gameplay Tips

It's an incredible animation, you pull out the blade of Maliketh in this red form, and then you've got a two-hit combo. The first range strike and the second range strike which you may recognize from his boss fight, that's the incredible ability he uses against you. With the crafted scion, the first hit's going to reduce its health and do the damage that also does damage over time. The second hit does the same damage but it will actually take more of the health bar. Because remember it is now it's got less overall health because of the first hit, so it's even more percent damage that it's going to take. The best use of this incantation is throwing this out at the beginning of a fight, get the health pool effect whether they now have less healthy overall. Then swap to something more bursty quicker and then maintain this debuff throughout the fight.


Locations and Routes

Black blade comes from the Maliketh boss fight or boss soul, take his remembrance to the two fingers, you trade that in, instead of getting the weapon, you get the incantation.


5. Elden Ring Best PvP Incantations

Bestial Sling

Bestial sling is considered the most popular pick in PVP. The bestial sling is very easy to get, very effective, and very cost-effective. Visual sling costs 7 fp per use and has only a 10 faith requirement. so basically every build in this game can run this. Obviously where this incantation shines is in PVP. The reason for that is because of how quick and effective it is. In PVP, you might deal with guys who are PVP with the single hit reduced damage, wondrous physic buff which is great in a boss fight but not so great in PVP. But there it's great for cleaning that out. When you're dealing with someone running away from you constantly, it's pretty damn good at chasing as clipping and chipping away at their health. In many scenarios when you're going for trades, there's a period where you've just let past each other there's a small gap between you it's a bit too far from melee, but the sling is perfect there.


Gameplay Tips

Best used with the clawmark seal will boost your bestial incantations. Clawmark seal scales at a b faith and b strength, so it is best used with strength builds. But anyone can use them because it's a very effective and useful skill. It's very quick and you can spam it out, it's super cheap and it's going to interrupt on the deal a little bit of damage to your targets. In PvE, it's got a nice conal range to it and you can spam it out enemies that are blocking are going to be okay against it. The damage it does is not particularly impressive.


Locations & Routes

You need to come here to the Bestial Sanctum, it's at the northeastern point of Calid. There's actually a portal here the Third Church of Marika in the water behind it that will take you straight here very early game. Once you come inside, you're going to find a beast-man who will teach you beast arts but he wants deathroot in exchange. Deathroot can be got by defeating marine or boss fights around the world or in certain catacombs usually in a chest at the final area after you've defeated the boss. To get bestial sling, you need to give him two deathroute. The first death route is going to get you the clawmax seal which is what you want for these incantations. The second death route is what's going to get you the sling. Summonwater Village is where you can find your first mariner boss fight, very easy to go kill that is in Limgrave. The second one is in a sort of a green watery area in the lake region and that's probably the second-fastest one you can get.


Above are some of the best incantations in the Elden Ring, and some of the most popular incantations as well. Buy cheap Elden Ring runes from if want to save money and time!


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