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FIFA 19: Ronaldo, Messi or Salah - Who Will Be The New Cover Star?

5/29/2018 4:46:08 PM

In the FIFA community after this season's speculation go again: Who decorates the cover of FIFA 19? The fan favorite is neither Messi, nor Ronaldo.

FIFA 18 takes in the final spurt again ride on World Cup mode and the Team of the Season. Nevertheless, there is already much speculation about FIFA 19, whose release will be as usual at the end of September. Of course, there is always the discussion about the cover star. It was Cristiano Ronaldo for the first time last year. Whom we are allowed to see on the cover, EA probably announced in mid-June in the context of E3.

We show you the different options, which player the fans want and the cover stars of the FIFA parts.


These stars have good chances on the cover of FIFA 19

Of course, there is no reliable information about the cover of FIFA 19. However, you can predict the achievements of last season and the international market value, who could make it on the cover in FIFA 19.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Sure, the superstar of Madrid is the first to come to mind as a new, old cover star. In FIFA 18, he made it to the game of EA Sports for the first time and ingame was not saved with his presence.

What speaks for him? CR7 still stands for the elite of football with Messi. He is in the CL final and played after difficult starting a strong season (44 goals in 43 games).

What speaks against him? Ronaldo is now 33 years old and his break-in is coming every season - so it's quite possible that EA would like to look around for a younger cover star.


Lionel Messi

Also Messi played again an outstanding season, especially in the league. His weaker than Ronaldo rated TOTS card horrified much of the FIFA community.

What speaks for him? From the perspective of many Messi had a better season than Ronaldo, especially because he also prepared and not only makes goals. In addition, he is only 30 years old and could play even longer at the highest level.

What speaks against him? Barca's superstar was already the cover star of FIFA 13-16 - then he parted company with EA. A return to the FIFA cover is unlikely, especially since PES holds the rights to him.


Mohamed Salah

After this season you have to give the Egyptians chances on the cover. In FIFA, Salah collected one special card at a time, his TOTS card was as strong as Messi's.

What speaks for him? He had a great season, is young and plays in EA's favorite Premier League. In addition, he does not split the fan base as Messi and Ronaldo.

What speaks against him? If Salah remains a one-season wonder, EA will be annoyed. It is quite possible that he has to show constancy before he becomes a cover star.



When speaking of great solo artists in football, Neymar should not be missing. The Brazilian from Paris St. Germain played a strong debut season in France.

What speaks for him? Neymar is THE star in Paris and plays for a successful national team. He is also 26 years old.

What speaks against him? He already graced the PES cover and is not popular with many people due to his change and behavior on the pitch.


Antoine Griezmann

The star of the third Spanish top club - Antoine Griezmann of Atletico Madrid - played a good but not outstanding season.

What speaks for him? Similar to Neymar, he is in good health at the age of 27 and could play a strong World Cup with France. In addition, he was already seen in FIFA 18 more often, for example on the sets.

What speaks against him? His season was nowhere near as good as that of a Salah, Messi or Ronaldo. Wondering if that's enough for the cover of FIFA 19.


Thomas Müller

After Marco Reus already graced the FIFA cover in 2017, why should not it be another Bundesliga star this year? Although Müller does not have the best statistics, he is sympathetic.

What speaks for him? His age, his club and his achievements in the DFB dress. In addition, Müller is not only liked in Germany for his kind and just like Griezmann in FIFA 18 was already seen on the packs.

What speaks against him? His stats are far from those of a superstar and his demeanor might be too "unspectacular" for the cover.


These are the cover favorites of the community

On the fifplay side, FIFA fans were able to vote for their favorite candidate for the FIFA 19 cover. Over a million players have already made their choice. The result is even relatively clear:

Mohamed Salah (31%, 307,617 votes)

Cristiano Ronaldo (16%, 162,093 votes)

Lionel Messi (15%, 154,247 votes)

Thomas Müller (13%, 132,911 votes)

Neymar Jr. (9%, 89,273 votes)

Javier Hernández (4%, 38,937 votes)

Antoine Griezmann (3%, 25,321 votes)

Robert Lewandowski (2%, 22,773 votes)

Paulo Dybala (1%, 13,600 votes)

Paul Pogba (1%, 11,407 votes)

So Mohamed Salah is celebrating world stars Messi and Ronaldo after this outstanding season with Liverpool, he has almost as many votes as both together. Thomas Müller is surprisingly in fourth place, because this is not a German, but an international survey.


Also surprising is the choice of Javier Hernandez (Chicharito) in fourth place. He is not a serious cover star contender. More news about FIFA 19 will be announced soon, keep your eyes here to get know the last info of FIFA 19 at first time, also cheap FIFA 19 Coins will be offered at AOEAH.COM, stay tuned! 

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