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FIFA 18 Cheap Overpowered Goalkeepers - Three Best Cheap GK Should To Buy On FUT 18!

10/30/2017 5:00:20 PM

What give you a boost, in the event that you have a sign "Enter" instead of the Goal on the FUT of FIFA 18.

On FIFA 18, you will need a good goalkeeper to avoid rolling in Ultimate Team matches. Here are three goalkeepers, affordable, who will defend your cages, and surely your pride.



We all agree on this: Having legendary players on your team to score improbable goals and break shins in English is important. Yet many forget to keep a few credits for a good goal.

You may have a team of hell, it will not prevent an opponent to score. Worse still, it will not prevent your guardian from committing irreparable blunders, which does not bode well in the locker room.

You do not have to throw yourself on Neuer or Lloris, you only need a good goal. And on FUT, you will find quite a lot at pretty good prices, less than 10k FIFA 18 Coins in market now. Here we give you three good guardians that you can afford.



Danijel Subasic (85 - AS Monaco)

In league 1, the goalkeeper of AS Monaco is doing very well on FIFA 18. It will be able to combine the dives (85), the reflexes (87) and the positioning (85), with its great stature of 1m91. In addition, the Monaco goalie will know the difference on free kicks and corners.

FIFA 18 Cheap Overpowered Goalkeepers - Danijel Subasic

Current Price:

Xbox One - 9,700

PS4 - 9,600

PC - N/A

Keylor Navas (85 - Real Madrid)

The Costa Rican international was already fairly well placed on FIFA 17. With 87 in diving and 85 in reflexes, it will do very well. Note however that its size of 1m85 can sometimes be disabling. You can have it for less than 8,000 credits, honest.

FIFA 18 Cheap Overpowered Goalkeepers -Keylor Navas

Current Price:

Xbox One - 7,400

PS4 - 8,300

PC - 10,250

Ralf Fährmann (84 - FC Schalke 04)

As the second, the goal of FC Schalke 04 was also good press in the previous part of FIFA. It is also very clever to use it if you have a German defense, or Bundesliga, to increase your collective rating. In addition, he measures a good size (1m96), dives (83) deftly, and his reflexes (87) can benefit you.

FIFA 18 Cheap Overpowered Goalkeepers -Ralf Fährmann

Current Price:

Xbox One - 2,300

PS4 - 2,100

PC - 2,500

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