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5/30/2018 3:35:52 PM

With the release of Rocket League Salty Shores Update and the end of Competitive Season 7, the new Season 8 is ready to begin with a new crate and rewards for the previous season's players. With the new Rocket League impact crate, you can get new import Battle-Car Twinzer, black market decals, exotic wheels, Now you can play games to get the new Impact crates drops in the game! But if you don’t want to spend time to collect it in game, good news to every Rocket League fans, AOEAH.COM is offering these new Rocket League Impact crate and items at the first time!

Rocket League Impact Crate Contents

Rocket League Impact Crate

First, let’s get know what items you can get by opening the Rocket League Impact Crate


Staredown (Dominus GT Decal)

Rocket League Staredown (Dominus GT Decal) - Impact Crate

Splashback (Centio V17 Decal)

Rocket League Splashback (Centio V17 Decal) - Impact Crate

Windswept (Imperator DT5 Decal)

Rocket League Windswept (Imperator DT5 Decal) - Impact Crate

Sundae (Road Hog Decal)

Rocket League Sundae (Road Hog Decal) - Impact Crate

Very Rare

Masato (Wheels)

Rocket League Masato (Wheels) - Impact Crate

Reaper (Wheels)

Rocket League Reaper (Wheels) - Impact Crate

Burnout (Player Banner)

Rocket League Burnout (Player Banner) - Impact Crate

Migraine (Player Banner)

Rocket League Migraine (Player Banner) - Impact Crate


Twinzer (Body)

Rocket League Twinzer (Body) - Impact Crate

Enchanter (Rocket Boost)

Rocket League Enchanter (Rocket Boost) - Impact Crate

Cirrus (Rocket Boost)

Rocket League Cirrus (Rocket Boost) - Impact Crate

Santa Fe (Wheels)

Rocket League Santa Fe (Wheels) - Impact Crate

Centro (Wheels)

Rocket League Centro (Wheels) - Impact Crate

Black Market

Fire God (Animated Decal)

Rocket League Fire God (Animated Decal) - Impact Crate

Streamline (Animated Decal)

Rocket League Streamline (Animated Decal) - Impact Crate

Juiced (Goal Explosion)

Rocket League Juiced (Goal Explosion) - Impact Crate

[REPEAT] Atomizer (Goal Explosion)

Rocket League Atomizer (Goal Explosion) - Impact Crate

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