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Rocket League Air Dribbling Tips - How To Do Better Air Dribbling In Rocket League

3/13/2018 3:05:10 PM

Are you a scrub? Yes, so am I. So you are probably wondering what credentials we have for teaching anyone anything about air dribbling.

The thing that makes air dribbling so difficult for me and probably some of you is the fact that you have to do so many things at once when just starting them. So here we will break down all the little pieces that go into having a somewhat successful air dribble. 

Rocket League Air Dribbling


First thing is you should be using a controller. 

1. Match the speed of the ball. This one was one of the toughest parts for me and to be honest doesn't always apply to getting a good setup. If you have perfect speed you will launch at the perfect moment and you will have a great looking start. However some of my best attempt came from when i was really far behind the ball and boosting at it super fast up the wall. Other times I was so close to the ball it felt like the ball and I were as one. This is one part you will have to kinda judge for yourself and see what feels more comfortable.


2. Contact the ball on the wall. You want to hit the ball square and not to one side or the other. Some guides and videos say to hit the ball then boost, again just like step one I've found succes in boosting just a bit as contact is made. You again will have to just practice and see what you like.


3. Jump and air roll off the wall. These are together because a good jump and air roll mean you are well positioned with the ball in front of you. A bad jump or air rolls just makes you look like a tool. (I tend to look like a tool a lot)


4. Feather boosting the ball toward the goal. Just as it says smack the ball on the underside quarter portion closest to you and feather the boost to victory. 

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