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Rocket League is updated to version 1.0.4 on Nintendo Switch! We review DLC content, improvements and changes

3/6/2018 4:17:20 PM

If you take your Nintendo Switch and give it to look for updates to Rocket League you will see that the Psyonix game has received a new update on the hybrid console, as well as on the other platforms. This version, numbered 1.42 in general terms, but 1.0.4 in Nintendo Switch, comes to incorporate some new payment contents, as well as changes and bug fixes that we will detail in this article. Note that this is not the update that will allow Rocket League to play with visualization improvements, something that is dated for next spring, but it is still interesting!

Rocket League V1.42 Patch Notes


New DLC of the DC universe for the Rocket League

First of all, let's review the contents that you can find in a pack that costs 3.99 euros / dollars, where the DC universe is the complete protagonist, with two cars from the Batman universe and more than 20 personalization objects of a diversity of superheroes, some included in the collector's edition released in physical format.

Two new cars:

'89 Batmobile: vehicle of the first Batman movie, released in 1989

'12 Batmobile: comes from the movie The Dark Knight: The legend is reborn, Batman movie of 2012

Turbo and wheels

The Flash Force (The Flash)

Wheels The Flash

Stickers for cars and varied posters of the DC universe:





The Flash

Green Arrow

Green Lantern


Wonder Woman


Rocket League Changes and updates for version 1.0.4

Regarding the changes and updates incorporated in the new version, we went over them:

- Map rotation: the "snowy" variants of some fields are replaced by "stormy" ones, among them the Mannfield, Beckwith Park and DFH (NOTE: at the moment we wrote this, even having updated, the "snowy" versions continue to appear ).

- Spectator Mode: spectators can chat during games.

- Rewards of the competitive season 6: the appearance of the reward wheels of the "competitive session number 6" has been updated.

Rocket League bugs fixed in version 1.0.4

- Fixed a bug that prevented players from exchanging objects on the endgame screen between games.

- Fixed a bug that prevented the animation from raising or lowering the range from being displayed correctly on the end of game screen.


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