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Rocket League for Nintendo Switch gets update that improves performance

2/2/2018 4:49:20 PM

Psyonix has announced that this spring an update for Rocket League arrives that among other things the resolution on the Nintendo Switch increases. Furthermore, players will see live notifications about possible connection problems.


The changes in Rocket League have been announced in an overview of the plans Psyonix has for the game in 2018. The biggest operation that can be found there is the Spring Feature Update, which brings the performance improvements for the Switch and some improvements in the onion.


Users of the Switch version can choose from two graphical settings after the spring update: Performance Mode and Quality Mode. At the first, the game runs at a 900p resolution in the dock or at 720p on the battery, with a framerate of 60fps. Dynamic resolution scaling is applied, so the resolution can be temporarily reduced. Quality Mode sets the framerate at 30fps, to let the game run natively at 1080p. Outside the dock the game runs at 720p, but it is somewhat graphically polished.


Another addition of the update is a notification system that keeps the user up-to-date of any connection problems. When there is packet loss, a fluctuating latency or problems with the performance of the server, the players get notifications here.


Furthermore, the update mainly includes changes to the interface, such as better ways to search items and some new menu options. Also the possibility is added to set up tournaments with large amounts of players.


Later this year, Psyonix wants to add the possibility of starting parties with players on different platforms, devising a benefit for the xp system and coming up with new arenas and functions. Support for the Xbox One X is also being worked on, which should be published by the end of the year. 

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