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Rocket League Crossplay Groups In 2018 According To The Developer

1/23/2018 2:14:53 PM

On Twitter, the developer Psyonix has officially stated that cross-platform group support in the fun sports game Rocket League should come this year. Then players of various platforms should finally get the opportunity to get together in groups, for example to bring friends of other platforms into their own team. A specific start date for the crossplay feature was not announced by the studio.


For quite a while, it has been possible to play the fun sports game Rocket League (now for € 19.90) across platforms. Specifically, this means that PC Xbox One and Nintendo Switch users can compete against each other and deliver heated Autoball duels. Only PlayStation 4 players remain excluded from Sony's refusal to support Crossplay. And that's a shame, because the cross-platform Mutliplayer fun should be further expanded in 2018.


So far, it has been possible for users of various platforms to play Rocket League together, but the grouping is officially not yet in it. Still - because as the developer Psyonix officially announced on Twitter, they are actively working on this feature and expect a publication in the year 2018. A specific date or even a time slot did not announce the studio. The fact that increased support for cross-play functionality is worthwhile is shown by the current numbers of players: just a few weeks ago, Rocket League had reached the milestone of 40 million players. If you are in market of Rocket League items, welcome to check out our offers on AOEAH.COM!

Rocket League Crossplay Groups In 2018 According To The Developer

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