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The New Velocity Crate arrives Rocket League On December 4

12/3/2017 10:50:57 PM

Prepare the controls and indicate the date of December 4 as the Rocket League Velocity Crate arrives in the game.


The next Rocket League update will come with a new collection of items. The Speed collection will include new designs, a new car, wheels and black markets. These items can only be obtained by exchanging with other players or by opening a Velocity Crate.

It is also worth remembering what was mentioned in the tradeo guide. The new crates have excessive prices of output, so you can get several keys if you play enough.

New content

According to Psyonix almost all the new collection will have themes from the 1980s, so the designs will have this theme.

Velocity Crate

The new car has the name of "Imperator DT5" and is futuristic in appearance and will include 6 own decals and a new engine sound. While the stickers can only be used in that car, the sound can be used on anyone.

The new wheels have the name of "Hikari P5" and "Equalizer", in addition a new Black market has been shown, this one appears on the cover and has the name of "Dueling dragons".

The new update arrives on day 4. However, we will have to pay attention to the Christmas update that should arrive throughout December. This will bring a winter thematic map, just like it happened a few months ago with the Farmstead map of autumn.

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