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Rocket League Goes Fast & Furious Part III: How Vin Diesels Team And Psyonix Transformed The Magic Of Films In Rocket Cars

11/27/2017 5:39:40 PM

Time for Part 3 of our Fast & Furious series: In the first part we talked about the Vin Diesel Mega Deal, in the second part we spoke with Vin Diesel himself about his love for video games and his Chief Picture Car Coordinator, all of them Has selected cars. Part 3 is all about virtualizing the Fast & Furious world in Rocket League.


Art always inspires other art. And because the designers of Psyonix not only see The Fast & Furious as an inspiration, but also feel the love for this franchise, they have incorporated little tribute moments into Rocket League. Have you already unlocked the trophy "Family, Not friends"? "Family, not just friends" is a quote from one of the first Fast & Furious. There are other trophies called "Tokyo Drift". "Winning is Winning" comes from Fast 1. So one thing came to the other: Psyonix met with Vin Diesel's production company, they wanted to bring together what belongs together: virtual and real rocket cars. You remember the legendary scene in which Vin Diesel first drifts with spikes on the tires through the eternal ice of Iceland and then ignites his rocket engine. Only to shoot the next moment with a monkey tooth over a hill, because he has to intercept a steering rocket.


How do you transform a movie into a video game without replicating it?


The challenge for Psyonix was to combine The Fast & Furious as one of the greatest film franchises of all time with Rocket League. They could not replicate it, after all, Rocket League has no real humans as characters - but as is often more likely to suspect little eggs or aliens.

Rocket League Goes Fast & Furious Part III


So, to capture the spirit of the movies without touching the core of Rocket League: "Everything is always about the shape. If we handle a licensed car like the Batmobile or the Dodge Challenger or the Nissan Skyline GTR-R34, we have to live up to the movie, but they also have to fit in harmoniously with our Rocket League universe, "says Shawn Stone, Car Artist of Psyonix ,


"The shape has to match the feel of the car, for which the animations are important: how fast do the tires turn, how does it get into the boost, what mass does it hit again on the earth?"


This is particularly important for Rocket League, because the vehicles have very similar properties and top speeds. We are curious which cars from Fast 9 make it into the rocket car universe.

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