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Rocket League Autumn Update: Changes for the Starbase and Wasteland arenas announced

8/29/2017 3:06:35 PM

With the release of the great Autumn Update and the simultaneous launch of the sixth Rocket League season, the Psyonix team has announced some changes for the Starbase and Wasteland arenas. In the future, only standard arenas will be playable online.

Rocket League - Changes for the arenas Starbase and Wasteland

The Psyonix developer team has announced some adjustments for the Starbase ARC and Wasteland arenas in Rocket League. According to this, the two locations will no longer be available for online duels after the coming autumn update. In line with the start of the sixth season, Psyonix introduces a new standard with only standard arenas available in Competitive and Casual. Since Starbase ARC and Wasteland had a slightly different form, they will fall out of the Arena rotation. Instead, there will be new, customized standard versions for Starbase and Wasteland in Rocket League.


The old versions of the arenas are renamed to ARCtagon and Badlands and are still selectable in private games or offline duels. Since the introduction at the end of 2015, non-standard arenas have been a much-discussed topic in the community. With the success of the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) and eSport in general, arenas such as Starbase and Wasteland - according to the blog entry of Psyonix - are no longer necessary in a competitive environment.


An exact date for the start of the sixth Ranked season and the announced autumn update has yet to be determined. A few days ago, Psyonix has released a new trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League. This will include an exclusive selection of vehicles.


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